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Buffalo Chicken Recipes

Recipes Using Buffalo Chicken

I make daily lunch for my son who works nearby. I am recently widowed and we started this routine because we both needed to process the loss of my husband and his father. It’s been beneficial for both of us.
This also gives me a meaningful project: making menus, shopping for groceries, and cooking every day. I enjoy trying new meals to see what we like and to avoid making the same things over and over.
One thing we’ve discovered that we like is Buffalo chicken! As a result, I try to include one new Buffalo chicken recipe every week. It started with Buffalo Chicken Cauliflower Rice Bowls.
That was a keeper and I made sandwiches out of the leftover buffalo chicken and leftover hot dog buns. We liked those too.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be trying such Buffalo chicken delicacies as Buffalo Chicken Stuffed Baked Potatoes, Buffalo Chicken Wraps, Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese, and Buffalo Chicken Nachos. There are so many possibilities! We may even do Buffalo wings!
Next I’ll be describing how I do meal prep for these meals. (It’s very easy!)

Buffalo Hot Wings

Serve with Celery Sticks and Blue Cheese Dressing.

This is a classic Buffalo Chicken dish!

Meal Prep for Buffalo Chicken Dishes

Rotisserie Chicken Makes it Easy

I buy two or three rotisserie chickens from Costco as they have a really great price. I strip the meat from the bones and mix it with the Buffalo Sauce. Then I freeze it in one or two-cup portions. It’s so easy to take out what you need for a recipe.

If you make the Buffalo chicken ahead of time, you don’t have to make Buffalo sauce again for every recipe. It shortens your time in the kitchen.

Frank’s Hot Sauce has no carbs so it’s suitable for low carb recipes. Use cauliflower rice, low carb tortillas, etc.

This time I also used an Asian marinade for some of the chicken. It included sesame oil, garlic, and ginger, and it smells so good! I think I’ll make Chicken Lo Mein with that.
You can also leave some of it plain with no sauce or marinade. It’s easy to grab one or two cups for a casserole, soup, or whatever you are cooking.

The chicken carcasses may be boiled down for broth. This is an economical use of your rotisserie chickens. With grocery prices these days, it makes sense to stretch your food as far as you can. The broth makes a very good soup. Freeze the broth until you need it and then use it in any recipe calling for broth

Of course, you can cook and shred chicken for these recipes if you prefer.

Buffalo Chicken Recipes

Easy Chicken Dishes

Side Dishes for Buffalo Chicken Dishes

Side Dishes

It’s pretty easy to come up with side dishes for Buffalo Chicken.
1. Fritos
2. Mexican Street Corn
3. Plain Corn
4. Corn Muffins
5. Refried Beans with Cheese
6. Coleslaw
7. Cooling foods such as:
A. Green salad
B. Ripe Olives
C. Celery Sticks with Blue Cheese Dressing
D. Baby Carrots and any kind of dip. I like hummus with carrots.
E. Any kind of salad such as Broccoli Salad or Apple Cranberry Coleslaw (which I’ll be trying soon)
F. Any kind of fresh fruit. I like to serve red grapes.

Buffalo NY

Buffalo Sauce is named after the city of Buffalo NY.

Buffalo Sauce Recipe

There are many variations

These usually start with one of the Frank’s Sauces. I’ve also used a generic Louisiana Hot Sauce and that was good too. If you have a favorite, use that.
A very simple sauce is to use 1 part hot sauce to 2 parts sour cream. This is good as a spread on sandwiches.

The basic Buffalo sauce recipe is hot sauce and butter. Add whatever ingredients you like to that. I’ve seen recipes calling for green Tobasco sauce, or green salsa. You can use whatever you have on hand that sounds good. Sometimes I add a tablespoon of honey to mine.

Here’s an easy one
1 cup Frank’s Hot Sauce
1/2 cup Butter
2 Tablespoons Vinegar
2 teaspoons Worcestershire Sauce
Cayenne to taste
Garlic to taste
You can adjust the heat of this with cayenne pepper. You can even leave it out if you want mild sauce.
Put all the ingredients in a pan and stir them together. Simmer for a few minutes.

Products to go with Buffalo Chicken

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Buffalo Macaroni and Cheese

Add Buffalo Chicken and Blue Cheese Crumbles

This is a recipe often found in bars or pubs. No reason why you can’t make it at home! Add some Buffalo chicken and blue cheese crumbles. Delicious!

Try Buffalo Chicken

This is something I never thought about making until I ran across a recipe. Turns out we really like it and it has added a little zest to our lunches.
Looking forward to trying some more of the recipes.

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  1. Oh your buffalo chicken recipe sounds so good! Time for me to get busy and experiment a bit. Thank you!

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