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Customizing Gifts Guide

Customizing Gifts Guide

When you want to gift with a touch of personalization, this customizing gifts guide will show you how to do this with ease, save time, and in a few clicks have thoughtful and cherished Customized Gifts. Creative Way to use birthstones for School Colors

Customizing Gifts is Easy

Top 4 Ways to Customize and Personalize a Gift

1. Name (adding the name(s) of your loved one) This is the two stone two name example
2. Topic (something your friend loves or collects). Butterfly, Horse, Heart, Yen/Yang (are a few popular examples).
3. Dates (memorialize an anniversary for example). You might include a date of a wedding, or graduation.

4. Two Colors and Two Names… How about Graduation School Colors and Name and year of the graduate.

When you are brainstorming a unique way to customize a two stone – two name heart, think about shortening (with abbreviations for example). If your grad is Class of 2022 you could just put 2022 on the heart. And for school maybe an abbreviation as well.

Most Popular Graduation Heart (for 2022)
SCSU 2022 – Stone colors January (for the burgundy) and November (for the gold). Most often purchased in the rose gold. (South Carolina State University)
GSU 2026 – Stone colors September (for the blue) and April (for the white) most often purchased in the silver tone. (Georgia State University)

Choose for TWO

Birthstones and Names for Them

A thoughtful gift for a couple, Parent, Grandparent with two birthstones and two names.

Another way to use this option is to create a Sun Sign / Moon Sign pendant.
For example, mine would be Gemini and Taurus (May and June), so the stones would be Emerald (for May) and Pearl, Moonstone or Alexandrite (for June).

TWO NAMES (or) lets say you do the two signs (sun sign and moon sign) you could use the first ‘name’ section as the recipient’s first name. The second name area could be any of the following:
1. Nickname
2. Sign Names (example: Gemini-Taurus would be mine for the sun sign moon sign example)
3. A greeting or sentiment “be happy” – “you rock” – “best mom” – “best friend”

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