My Secret Angel and Me

Children’s Christmas Book, My Secret Angel and Me

I’ve just discovered a beautiful book that will make a wonderful Christmas gift for the small children in your life! My Secret Angel and Me comes in a deluxe package consisting of a box that unfolds to reveal the book and the angel doll that goes with it.
The book has gorgeous, original art work and the text tells the traditional Christmas story in a way that young children can understand. There are suggested Bible verses to go along with the story that parents can read to the children. Hidden in the text are Bible verses for the children to discover.
At the back of the book is a children’s prayer and cards with Bible verses that can be cut out. Also at the back of the book you will find the story of how My Secret Angel and Me came to be. It’s written by sisters-in-law who are also best friends and who collaborated to create this special book.

Christmas Book for Children

Make My Secret Angel and Me a Christmas Tradition at Your House!

My Secret Angel and Me

A Wonderful Children’s Christmas Book

My Secret Angel and Me

How it Works

When you receive the book, have your child name the angel doll that comes with the book. Go to the My Secret Angel and Me website and register your angel. This will assure that your child will receive “Angel Mail.”
The book is a retelling of the traditional Christmas story. The parents move the angel doll every night and the children look for the angel the next day.

Everything about this book is quality. The artwork is wonderful, the story is wonderful and it comes packaged in a beautiful box. It’s something you can be proud to give. It will become a treasured part of the family’s Christmas traditions and will be brought out every Christmas to read the beloved Christmas story.

Give My Secret Angel and Me

to the special children in your life.

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