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Hurt Machine

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Hurt Machine; Adult,Mystery, Detective, Suspense & Thrillers: written by Reed Farrel Coleman.

Moses Prager is an ex-cop turned P.I. He has just discovered he has gastric cancer. His daughter Sarah is getting married and he plans to wait till after the wedding to have treatment. He will keep the diagnosis a secret till after the wedding.

Hurt Machine

Hurt Machine

Sarah’s mom, Katy had been killed because of a case Moe was investigating several years before.

Carmella, his  second wife had looked him up to ask him to investigate her sister, Alta’s murder. The cops didn’t seem to be too interested in finding out who had killed her. Alta and her EMT partner had let a man die when they were off duty and people felt like she had deserved to die.

Moe had married Carmella when she was pregnant with her son and gave him his name. She had took the boy and left him nine years before.

Moe agrees to do the investigation for her but the more he digs into this case and calls for old cop friends to help the more he gets threatened. Why?

When Carmella learns that her sister was gay she asks him to call off the investigation but Moe refuses. Could the “hero” cop be the murderer?

Read the book to find out all the exciting mysteries. I personally didn’t like it because it had too much adult content for me.

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