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I Am A Band Parent!

My husband, and I, were both band students in Junior high (now referred to as Middle School in most, if not all, areas). We both played Alto Saxophone. He carried on for a few years in band. I, however, only participated in band for one year. Most of my friends were in chorus, and looked to be having more fun than I was, so I left band and joined chorus, where I stayed until the end of my Junior year in high school. But that isn’t what this post is about. This is about how he, and I, are now Band Parents.

We have 5 kids and all but one participated in school band.

Our oldest son, now 25, joined band in 7th grade as a trumpet player. He was only in band for a year, maybe less, leaving band for chorus, just like I did, but not for the same reason that I did lol He left because all the girls he had crushes on were in chorus and he wanted to be closer to them lol

Our second son, now 24, had no interest in a school sanctioned band program. But he is a very talented musician regardless. He chose to learn to play instruments (guitar and keyboard) at home, and he does so by ear, and to learn to read music in his own way. Today he plays guitar in a rock band (CD to be released soon!).

Our oldest daughter (age 20) began band in 6th grade, playing clarinet. In high school, as a member of the marching band (award winning!), she took on bass clarinet. At 5′ – 5’1″, marching that bass clarinet was quite a feat but she did it and she did it very well! She stayed in band all through high school. One of her favorite performances while in marching band was going with her fellow band members to New Orleans (all the way from North Carolina) to march during the half-time show of the Sugar Bowl game as part of the All-State Band! She is in college now and has been asked to join a community orchestra. *sentence in bold in this paragraph is to show an edit that I did to add more info*

Our second daughter (age 17) also began band in 6th grade, also playing clarinet. She liked it, but wasn’t as enthused about it as her older sister so, like me and her brother, she left band after the first year. Sometimes she wishes she would have stayed in, but not enough to have regrets about quitting.

Our youngest daughter (age 12) began band last year, during 6th grade, playing clarinet (the one her older sister played) and loves it very much! She intends on staying in band, all through school, just like her older sister and, hopefully, one day attending a college with a marching band.

So, you see, I started out as a band student, not as enthused about being one as my parents were for wanting me to be one, and became a band parent, understanding now why my parents felt as they did about a child in band, but letting my kids know the choice is theirs. I am proud of what my kids have accomplished, whether in band or not, but I must admit that I take pride in being a band parent because my two that chose to continue with band took, and takes, much pride in being a band student!

Band students may be considered geeks, or nerds, but they are a tough bunch! You have to be tough to do what you love while being picked on for being a band student. And you have to be tough when you get to high school and have to endure unbearable hot summer days of band camp! And then there are the countless amounts of practices to get ready for competitions!

Band students practice just as hard, if not harder, than any school athlete! And while a football player gets to sleep in, and rest, on the Saturday after a Friday night football game, marching band students, that played in support of the team on Friday night (after practicing all week), are up bright and early on Saturday morning, on the field for last minute rehearsals before loading up on a bus, or two, for travel to an all day competition!

So, next time you want to pick on a band geek, think about the person you are picking on… You are picking on a person that has unbelievable stamina, agility, strong arm muscles from holding up and playing instruments that do tend to get heavy after awhile (if they weren’t already heavy to begin with), and strong leg muscles from all that marching. You are also picking on a student that is backed by an ever tougher, and proud, band parent!

Are you a band student?
Were you a band student?
Are you a band parent?
Were you a band parent?

Care to share your memories and/or experiences?

Until Next Time…..

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  1. I was remiss in mentioning one of my daughters favorite memories of her time in marching band. I need to edit and add that little snippet in!

  2. You have a wonderful balance of text and products. Thanks for sharing your personal story. Well done!

  3. This is a perfect post. I love everything about it. Thank you for setting the bar here Gina. Very nicely done post about band parents. I love how personal it is and I know it will relate to a lot of readers. Great, great job!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

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