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Ice Bucket Costume

The Ice Bucket Challenge

While it is true that we do not know who actually came up with the ice bucket challenge idea we do know that it was a complete stroke of genius. From July 29, 2014 the ALS Association received more than $115 million in donations that can be directly attributable to this fantastic concept.

What made this idea go viral, in my opinion, was that you had just as many famous people (athletes, celebrities, congressmen, etc) take part as you did your average Joe. For some reason, seeing Lebron James pour a bucket full of ice and water on his head made it easier for us to do the same thing.

For a flash in history, joining the Ice Bucket Challenge was the cool thing to do.

Ice Bucket Costume Ideas

Ice Bucket Costume

Of course, like most viral ideas tend to do, the Ice Bucket Challenge has slipped out of our day-to-day thoughts. Despite the fact that the ALS Association still needs donations as much today as they did in the past, it is not the current flavor of the month.

I am sure some silly cat video has taken its place.

With that being said, why not use Halloween as your chance to bring the fight of Lou Gehrig’s disease back to the forefront of the American conscience?

This challenge inspired ice bucket costume comes complete as a simple bucket that is literally dripping with silverish-gray fringe and matching balloons. The clear plastic bucket is boldly inscribed with the word ‘ICE’; as if anyone really needed that additional info.

This costume is perfect for those people that are looking for an awesome viral Halloween costume yet truly do not want to get all decked out. I like to think of it as the lazy man’s social awareness costume.


What Is ALS?

While it is true that many people had not heard of ALS prior to this challenge going viral, many die-hard baseball fans were already well aware of its devastating events. ALS, scientifically known as Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, is a neurodegenerative disease that causes chaos to the nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord.

Its more commonly known name is Lou Gehrig’s Disease; named after that Yankee great that developed ALS shortly before his last season in 1939. Even in the face of adversity, Gehrig was a true champion.

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