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If I Tell



If I Tell, A Book Review

If I Tell
is FICTION – JUVENILE: Family & Everyday Life: Love & Romance book by Janet Gurtler

Jazmine  is a 17 year old girl who works in a place that sells coffee and other similar drinks.  She lives with her grandmother and has all her life. Her mom was 17 when she was born and did not feel she could take care of Jazmine so she allowed her parents to do it for her.  Her grandfather has died.  Jazmine is bi-racial.  Her mom  is white and though she has never met her dad , he is black.  She is pretty much a loner who likes to play her guitar and write songs.

If I Tell

If I Tell

Her mom has a black boyfriend named Simon.  Jazmine gets along good with him until she goes to a party and sees him and her best friend Lacey kissing.  When her mom calls and wants her to go shopping with her she figures it will be a good time to tell her what she has seen.  Instead her mom tells her she is pregnant.

There is a new guy starting to work at The Grinds named Jackson and Jazmine thinks he is HOT. He has just moved to town after a stay at a school for delinquent boys for selling drugs.

A girl named Ashley had transferred to her school.  She is a lesbian.  She and Jazmine strike up a friendship since Jaz is upset with Lacey.  Ashely is a swimmer and is always trying to get Jaz to go swimming.  Jaz is afraid of water since she almost drowned in 4th grade when the other kids surrounded her and would not let her out of the water.  The life guard had to give her mouth to mouth.

Jaz is the only bi-racial in their town and no one black or white really wants anything to do with her.

Read the story to see what happens when her mom has a baby, Jackson tries to be Jazmine’s friend, and Lacey tries to make up.

I found If I Tell
to be a good story  and would recommend it to others.

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