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I’m transferring my website Glorious Confusion to another format

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Feeling a bit anxious and nostalgic – I’ve been using Komposer to build my website Glorious Confusion, which runs to about 100 pages and CoffeeCup to upload it onto the internet. I found that it wasn’t working well – too few visitors, very few sales, hardly any emails and comments. It was possibly too diverse, and my intention is to split it up into several niche sites and incorporate more meta-tags and things like that, now I’ve learnt more about SEO.

It was a huge learning curve for me, as I started it up with no knowledge or skills whatsoever, except for knowing how to type letters and documents on Microsofts Word. The programme was slightly buggy and I wasn’t always able to re-size the table I was working in, so there were odd (very odd) spaces. I am now going to use a website template, which I suppose is what lots of people do, but I was obstinate, because I wanted to learn how to do things myself.

Metal Bead and Swarovski Crystal Earrings

Metal Bead and Swarovski Crystal Earrings

I am going to stick with my same webhost, called BestHost, because the person who runs it, Pascal, is very helpful, and deals with things personally. He says he’ll talk me through everything if I get stuck.

If any of you have any useful tips, I would very much welcome your input.

Meanwhile, fingers crossed that I can manage the change-over smoothly without losing my information and Paypal connections. I can’t tell you how many hours I put into it.

I JUST HATE THE THOUGHT. And I won’t even be in when it happens, because I am just about to go out for the day to teach my Grandaughter how to knit (one of the skills I don’t use any more, as it’s cheaper and better to buy woollen garments)

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