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Increase Maximum Heart Rate – Paced Cardiovascular Exercise

How do you reach and increase your maximum heart rate with exercise? 

Does the typical cardiovascular exercise achieve this, or is there a better way? Yes, there is a better way! And I hope this article helps you with your exercise challenge, because what I am about to describe is the most effective exercise for weight loss. You can lose more body fat and build muscle tissue in less time.

One Totally Depressing Thing About Exercise

I got into walking and I really enjoyed it. Walking can be alone, or be a social exercise, going around the neighborhood with a friend for example, taking in the gardens, the lovely flower smells and visually pleasing landscaping. Well, that’s nice but – you can walk half an hour and burn off 30 calories!! No, I was not burning body fat! The miserable energy expenditure did not result in it being one of the calorie burning exercises. It did not get me anywhere near my maximum heart rate, or result in strength training for my legs.

So I Got My Personal Trainer Certification

This was supposed to be my happy ending. Even though I had been an athlete for many years, I had not learned the anatomy of the muscle system, or the trainer lingo and the reasoning behind the typical cardiovascular training routines. I found out about interval training, strength training, weight training and cross training.

What is “cardio” anyway? Meaning cardiovascular training, cardio has been around forever, kind of. Walking, running, jogging, treadmill machines, rowing machines, elliptical machines, the stair step thing, all this stuff, was geared to cardio workouts. However, in the beginning of cardio, it was never medically researched and proven to strengthen either the heart or the vascular system.

The principle of cardio is, that if you simply increase the duration and intensity of exercise, you reach your maximum heart rate. However, this doesn’t happen. A 20 year study in typical aerobic exercise, circuit training, and cardio workouts revealed that while the aerobic capacity increased, heart capacity and lung capacity decreased.

You Can Turn Any Exercise Into An Effective Calorie Burning Exercise If You Know How

The real increase in cardiovascular endurance was to be attained in a progressively accelerating cardiopulmonary exertion style of exercising. This is similar to high intensity interval training, yet with an added boost of challenge to your heart and lung capacity. And a great way to burn fat for hours after you finish your exercise.

Let me give you one example. You love the treadmill. You know you’re supposed to increase your duration on it, as well as increase the challenge, as in increasing the incline. Yet, how much time can you increase for your workouts? How much time will you need in five years? Supposedly cardiovascular training requires steady increase. Well, compare this.

  • you get on the treadmill, running for x amount of time
  • you use the sidebars to lift yourself, and you stand on the sides for 30 seconds
  • you resume, for double the amount of time
  • you lift yourself off again
  • you run a little more – and you’re done!!!

You can use this routine to reach and increase your maximum heart rate. You may want to do another set if you’re in great shape. You start wherever you are…even when you start doing much less, with this method you’ll burn body fat. You can turn your old cardio workout into strength training that is meaningful.

The coolest thing is, this style of exercise burns fat for up to nine hours after you have completed your workout. It boosts your muscle strength and builds muscle mass. I can promise you can learn more about this, and adapt it to your personal favorite exercise. You will find out about the most effective exercise for weight loss, and how to improve your maximum heart rate.

Improve Your Maximum Heart Rate

Progressively Accelerating Cardiopulmonary Exertion – PACE!





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