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Incubating and Hatching Bearded Dragon Eggs

Raising Bearded Dragons has been a hobby of mine for over 12 years and the most exciting time is breeding season. A Bearded Dragon female will lay between 15 and 30 eggs at one time so you can expect to have lots of baby dragons running around. Being prepared before the Bearded Dragon lays her eggs is very important. You will need to have a incubator set up and at the proper temperature and humidity level. Featured below is a list of items you will need and the information necessary to be successful in breeding Bearded Dragons and incubating and hatching Bearded Dragon eggs.

Bearded Dragons Hatching

Items Needed To Incubate Bearded Dragon Eggs


Temperature/ Humidity Gauge

4-6 small bowls


Egg laying box

Male and Female Bearded Dragons

Small Cage for baby dragons


Incubating Bearded Dragon Eggs

After you have mated the Bearded Dragons it will take about 3 weeks for the female to lay her eggs. During this time you will need to start preparing for the arrival of the eggs. Begin by getting the laying box ready this can be a large Rubbermaid tub filled with moist sand or vermiculite. Next you will want to get the incubator setup and operating at the proper temperature and humidity level. You will want the temperature to be at 82 degrees and humidity around 70%. Have the egg boxes ready with vermiculite and enough water to make it damp.

When the female starts digging around her cage you will know that she is ready to start laying her eggs this is time to place her into the laying box. Once she has finished laying the eggs place her back into cage and carefully remove the eggs from laying box. Place the eggs into the small containers with the vermiculite be careful to place them exactly as they was laying in the laying box.

The eggs should begin to hatch within 56 to 70 days depending on temperatures and humidity. As the eggs begin to form they will turn a chalk white and almost double in size. Infertile eggs may turn yellow, brown or even pink in color or may start to mold in the event of mold you should carefully remove the egg being careful not to disturb any fertile eggs that are close.


Video of Hatching Bearded Dragons

During this video you will see how the baby bearded dragons hatch out of the eggs. This is an exciting time as you first will notice that the egg appears to collapse . Watch closely and you can see the egg move as the baby dragon wiggles around trying to break free from the egg.



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Bearded Dragon Care Resources

Visit my other care guides for Bearded Dragons. I hope the information I have shared helps you hatch out Baby Bearded Dragons.

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  1. The bearded dragons look really interesting!

  2. No one better be incubating and hatching bearded dragon eggs anywhere near me. lol
    Great information here Doug. Thank you for sharing, even if reptiles aren’t my thing. ;P

    • Lesley reptiles grow on you, honest. Fantastic post Doug, beardies are one of the most amazing animals you can keep. They are gentle, tame well and, don’t bark!

      • I like that bearded dragons don’t bark! That is one of the better features of owning bearded dragons! THEY ARE QUIET!

    • I AGREE, LESLEY! Life is indeed precious but sorry, lizards and spiders give me the “ebby gebbies”.

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