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Infant Pool Float

Infant Pool Floats

An infant pool float is a fun way to safely introduce your infant to the wonderful world of swimming pools.

With these creatively crafted infant floats you can enjoy your back yard or community swimming pool while being able to have your infant or toddler safely by your side.

While these floats make your baby’s pool playtime a safe and enjoyable experience, supervision is required at all times.

Infant Pool Floats

Infant pool floats are designed to safely keep your little one floating in any pool. They are designed with a drop seat that has leg openings to securely hold your infant or toddler while they are happily splashing and playing in the water. There are different variations of infant pool floats, some with activity centers to fully engage your child and a removable canopy that will protect your child from the sun

As with any pool float and children, adult supervision is always necessary to ensure a safe and fun time for all.

Infant Pool Float with Activity Center and Canopy

 SwimWays Baby Spring Float Activity Center with CanopyView Now

A great way to introduce your baby to the water is the SwimWays Baby Spring Float Activity Center with Canopy. It offers an activity center with a squeaker fish, rotating octopus and soft touch star that will keep your little one engaged during play time in the pool. The canopy will keep your baby in the shade and safe from the hot sun. And you will love the comfy soft mesh seating that allows the cool water to ventilate your little one.


Infant Pool Floats With Canopy

 SwimSchool Infant Pool Float with CanopyView Now Inflatable Sunshade Infant Pool Float with CanopyView Now SwimSchool Sunshade Infant Pool Float with CanopyView Now SwimWays Infant Pool Float with CanopyView Now Speedo Infant Pool Float with CanopyView Now SwimWays Infant Pool Float with CanopyView Now Swimways Infant Pool Float with CanopyView Now SwimWays Infant Pool Float with CanopyView Now Infant Pool Float with CanopyView Now


Mommy And Me Infant Pool Float

 Poolmaster Mommy & Me Baby FloatView Now

Float and explore the water with your little swimmer in this adorable Mommy & Me swimming pool float. This infant pool float has an additional feature that allows you to stay and float with your baby. The fun turtle and starfish will keep your baby busy and the detachable canopy protects your little one from the sun.


Infant Pool Floats

 Intex My Baby FloatView Now SwimSchool Infant Pool FloatView Now Swim Academy Infant Pool FloatView Now Infant Pool FloatView Now Swimava Infant Pool FloatView Now UClever Infant Pool FloatView Now


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  1. Pool floats have come a long way since I had babies — these are adorable! cute shower gifts too.

  2. Gypzeerose

    Some of my fondest memories are of playing in the water with my babies when they were wee. These infant pool floats would have been perfect.

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