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Inflatable Kiddie Pool

Inflatable Kiddie Pool

An inflatable kiddie pool is the perfect addition to your backyard. Summer’s here, it’s hot and your “kiddies’ can have a blast splashing, keeping cool and having fun in this easily set up inflatable pool. All the neighborhood kids will be headed to your home to keep cool and have some fun.

Inflatable Kiddie Pool

Inflatable kiddie pools are great for younger children that can’t play in a big pool, yet they can still have a ton of fun water time. They are designed just for our little ones. Many come with play centers and slides that keep your children busy and engaged while enjoying a day in the pool. They are are made to be durable and kid proof so they are long lasting and once deflated easy to store for next season using minimal storage space.

As always, adult supervision is required with any outdoor water activity. Check manufacturer age requirements to ensure that your inflatable kiddie pool is age appropriate for your child or children.

Intex Inflatable Kiddie Pool

 Intex Rainbow Ring Inflatable Play Center, 117View Now

The kids will just love this inflatable pool with activity center. Bring all the fun of the swimming pool to your backyard this summer with the Rainbow Ring Play Center from Intex. Built for a water-splashing good time, this inflatable pool features a small water slide, a wading pool to cool off in, a water sprayer and a ring-toss game.


Inflatable Kiddie Pools

These inflatable kiddie pools will keep your kiddie’s busy all day with the activity centers, slides and sprinklers.

 Intex Rainbow Ring Inflatable Kiddie PoolView Now Intex Dinosaur Inflatable Kiddie PoolView Now Intex Ocean Inflatable Kiddie PoolView Now Intex Dinoland Inflatable Kiddie PoolView Now Intex Castle Inflatable Kiddie PoolView Now Intex Dino Inflatable Kiddie PoolView Now


Inflatable Kiddie Pools

 Intex Stars Inflatable Kiddie PoolView Now Intex Blue Inflatable Kiddie PoolView Now Intex Paradise Inflatable Kiddie PoolView Now Intex Soft Side Inflatable Kiddie PoolView Now INTEX Blue Inflatable Kiddie PoolView Now Minnie Mouse Inflatable Kiddie PoolView Now Jilong Pentagon Inflatable Kiddie PoolView Now Intex Swim Center Inflatable Kiddie PoolView Now Intex Swim Center Inflatable Kiddie PoolView Now Intex Clearview Inflatable Kiddie PoolView Now Intex Swim Center Inflatable Kiddie PoolView Now Giant Inflatable Kiddie PoolView Now


Don’t Take Your Breath Away

 Kwik Tek AIRHEAD -120HP Hi Pressure Air Pump w/Pressure ReleaseView Now

Perfect for quick inflation and deflation of towables, pools, air mattresses and beach toys, the Kwik Tek Airhead air pump canister features an accordion-style hose that locks onto the pump and valve fittings, so it won’t disconnect. It will quickly fill your inflatable kiddie pool and any other pool inflatables quickly without you losing your breath. Great to have on hand for a multitude of uses. Uses in-home AC power.


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