Insulated Reusable Grocery Bags

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Insulated Reusable Grocery Totes

Did your ice cream melt on the way home from the grocery store? Did your milk get warm? Do you rush home from the store in the hot weather to make sure they don’t? Do you have a insulated grocery bag?

Insulated Grocery Bags

Reusable too!

Having moved to the south from up north, we’ve learned a few things that work and then don’t work. Like the heat during my grocery shopping. Many times my ice cream has melted and I rushed home from the grocery store with the frozen food bag, tucked under my front seat right by the air conditioning so nothing melted. It did! Yes, my ice cream was mush!

I’ve bought and tried a few different types of reusable insulated grocery bags and totes. I’ve gotten the hot/cold from the store or the plastic type store brands that were inexpensive but you get what you pay for, right? They’d rip or tear, the velcro didn’t hold for very long so I took the plunge and invested in sturdy reusable insulated grocery bags.

Insulated Reusable Grocery Bag

 12 Gallon Insulated Mega Tote Bag: for Frozen Food, Perishables and Hot Food – Floral PrintView Now

The XXL Mega Reusable and Insulated Grocery Tote will keep you food cold or frozen throughout your shopping outing. Will keep the ice for 2 days so an afternoon outing is an easy feat for this tote. This insulated tote is also leak proof, easy to clean and treated with Microban to protect against odors and stains. The handy exterior zippered pockets are great for keeping your keys or coupons. Capacity: 12 Gallons / 45.4 liters. Dimensions: 26″ x 17″ x 8″.


Insulated Grocery Bags

Stylish yet functional, these insulated and reusable grocery bags and totes have a zippered top to keep the cold in and the hot out. Oversized to fit more than a plastic bag which means less trips to car. They are insulated to keep your cold food cold or hot food hot.

 Earthwise Large Insulated Reusable Grocery BagView Now 2 Piece Earthwise Insulated Grocery BagView Now Earthwise Insulated Grocery BagView Now Green Earth Reusable Insulated Grocery BagView Now Insulated Large Reuseable Grocery ToteView Now MIER Insulated Reusable Grocery BagsView Now Insulated Hot & Cold Cooler Tote – Large , BlackView Now Insulated Reusable Grocery ToteView Now Earthwise Insulated Grocery BagView Now


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  1. Gypzeerose

    It is getting harder and harder to get free grocery bags from the store when I shop at my home in California. And for good reason I think, the world has too many trashy single use bags. We need to all start using good reusable grocery bags. The insulated reusable grocery bags that you found add another layer of value.

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