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Ionic Breeze Air Purifiers

One thing that makes ionic breeze air purifiers different from other purifier is that they are without fan or filter. The ionizer technology is used to clean the air. The difference in between charge plates creates pressure in the movement of air. Therefore pollen, dust are captured by the charged plates, this removes the presence of noise because of the charged fields.

Ionic breeze purifiers are remarkable in their progress and yet it works without making any noise. If you compare breeze air purifier with any other purifier then the first difference you would find is its lack of voice. However, cleaning is necessary and you should clean an ionic air purifier after 10 days with a piece of cloth.

Ionic breeze air purifiers do not have any fan or filter so they are smaller than other branded units are. That is why they require to be cleaned regularly. It would be better if cleaning should be done at least once a week.

There are mainly five precautions which you must adopt to save your ionic air purifier.

You should keep away ionic purifier from fireplaces or any area that contains ash.

If you hear any static voice coming out from the purifier then you must switch it off and clean it.

If you see any red light blinking, this would mean that the unit needs cleaning and the purifier will automatically switch off.

It is an advice to plug your air purifier into only one power outlet. There should not be any sharing with other electrical appliances.

The last precaution would be that do not place your purifier near gadgets that transmit information. Wireless routers and phone base stations should be placed away from the purifier.

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