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iphone Case For Baby

iphone/ ipod Case For Baby

Protect your iphone or ipod with an iphone case for baby. Every parent knows babies are strangely fascinated with iphones and ipods and can be quite vocal in asking to have their own playtime with them. Parents are of course, tempted to hand over their expensive gadgets but worry about the damage babies can do. With the right ipod or iphone cases for babies, they don’t need to sacrifice their cherished gadgets.

As for what babies can play with… “There’s an app for that!”. Many companies have developed age-appropriate apps babies can enjoy on their parent’s iPhones or iPods. While some are meant to develop language, math and motor skills, others are quite simply fun and the adults will appreciate the moments of blissful quietness baby apps can bring.

Fisher Price Laugh Learn Activity Monkey

FIsher Price app Monkey

If you have been searching for the perfect new age toy for your baby or toddler then you absolutely have to check out the Fisher Price app monkey. This toy was created to provide hours of stimulation and fun for your child.

The monkey itself is a soft, luxurious toy made to hold your iphone or ipod in place by using a built in casing, featuring a clear film protector to ensure that your phone remains damage free. Check out the itunes store to download the learning letters monkey app for free! When your baby squeezes the monkey’s hands and feet, he or she will activate the app. When the app is activated your baby will learn numbers, colors and be able to listen to energetic songs as well.

When you decide to purchase the Fisher- Price laugh and learn apptivity monkey, you can be assured that you made an excellent investment when you see your child’s eyes light up for the first time.

Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Apptivity Monkey

Baby Playing With iPhone In Case

Baby iphone/ipod cases can range from simple brightly colored protection to more complex encasings with handles and toys. They’re designed to protect the devices from all the chewing and bashing babies are prone to do.

Baby Proof iphone Case Review

Fisher Price Apptivity

Fisher Price Apptivity Case ipod

Fits Apple ipod & iphone

You can feel confident that your ipod or iphone is protected with the fisher price apptivity case. The large handles are easy for baby to hold. No baby’s drool will be on your device. This heavy duty case fits Apple ipod touch 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation, iphone, iphone 3G, iphone 4. Allow your baby their own apps. Laugh & learn has a free app to download from itunes.

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Case for iPhone & iPod Touch Devices

More iphone Cases For Baby

They are always coming out with more styles of iphone cases available for babies. Below you will find some similar to the fisher price app monkey but instead in a puppy or panda plush animal. There are in pink for girls and blue for boys, well traditionally anyway. Babies will be thrilled to peek inside the storybook reader.

Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Apptivity PuppyVTech iDiscover Application PandaFisher-Price Laugh & Learn Case for iPhone & iPod Touch Devices, PinkFisher-Price Storybook Reader for iPhone & iPod Touch DevicesFisher-Price 3-in-1 Apptivity EntertainerFisher-Price Kid-Tough Apptivity Case, Blue

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