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Stylish Ironing Board Covers and Pads

Find A Stylish Ironing Board Cover

I like to have a cute ironing board cover for those occasions when I need to do some ironing. My favorites are bright and happy designs that make my ironing task much more enjoyable.

A fresh cover keeps clothes in tip-top shape and reduces the risks of staining or scorching clothing. This selection of iron board covers includes designs that will fit your personality as well as your decor. It’s time to have a bit of fun with a fancy ironing board cover!

 Whitmor 6149-100 Ironing Board Cover and Pad, Grey SwirlCheck Price Honey-Can-Do IBC-01894 Standard Ironing Board Cover, Green DotCheck Price Laura Ashley Black & Gray Damask Print Ironing Board Cover and padCheck Price Household Essentials 7001-1 Ultra Ironing Board Cover and Pad, Hearts Print with Sparkle FinishCheck Price Minky Smart Fit Ironing Board Cover with Floral Design Cover Fits Standard Boards, 54 by 15-InchCheck Price Whitmor Deluxe Ironing Board Covers & PadsCheck Price

When to Replace Your Ironing Board Cover

An ironing board can last decades but not so for the ironing board cover. In order to keep ironed clothing in tip-top shape, an ironing board cover should be replaced as soon as you see some signs of wear and tear.

Ironing board covers and pads can be stained, burned and even to the point of tearing or being threadbare before they are replaced. This will lessen or ruin the quality of the clothing being ironed. Replace an ironing board cover, and pad if needed as soon as possible for the best ironing results.

 Whitmor 6325-833 Deluxe Ironing Board Cover and Pad, ElementsCheck Price Laundry Solutions by Westex IBCAIE254POP 3-Layer Ironing Board Cover, PoppyCheck Price Household Essentials Standard 1-Piece Ironing Board Cover and Pad, Cats and DogsCheck Price Home-it ironing board covers Scorch resistant iron board cover with paddingCheck Price Household Essentials Ultra Ironing Board Cover, IrisCheck Price Whitmor 6459-834 Supreme Ironing Board Cover and Pad, GardenCheck Price

Try These Ironing Tips

1. Replace your ironing board cover and pad as needed.

2. Clean your iron on a regular basis. Baking soda and water will do the job. Use cotton swabs dipped in the solution to clean steam holes.

3. Make sure that your iron is heated to the proper temperature for the right fabric.

4. Use a spray bottle or sprinkle water on pre-ironed items for smoother ironing.

5. In preparing to iron a garment, read the instruction labels first.

 Honey-Can-Do IBC-03040 Superior Ironing Board Cover, Colorful DotsCheck Price Whitmor, Inc Supreme Ironing Board CoverCheck Price Whitmor 6357-100 Ironing Board Cover & Pad, BubblesCheck Price Whitmor 6467-834-hapnes Supreme Cover & Pad HappinessCheck Price Whitmor 6467-833-willow Deluxe Cover & Pad, WillowCheck Price Whitmor 6430-833 Deluxe Ironing Board Cover and Pad, WildflowersCheck Price

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