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iSafe Backpacks for Students and Professionals

Keep Your Children and Yourself Safe!

iSafe Child School BackPack

iSafe backpacks are backpacks that contain an alarm that a child, teen or adult can activate if they feel they are in any sort of danger.

I love these bags! What an ingenious idea. If a stranger approaches your child, they can sound an alarm. If you’re walking alone in a dangerous area and someone is following you or causing trouble, you can sound an alarm!

Send your child or teen to school with the reassurance they’ll be able to alert others if necessary. Hopefully they’ll never need the alarm, but it’s good to know they have it…just in case!

A little about the iSafe backpack shown above:

*Made of 100% Nylon
*You can hand wash it
*The foam back has extra padding for comfort and the best possible back support
*The shoulder straps feature reflectors that provide extra night time visibility for even more safety
*There are 3 compartments to store all your necessities
*The adjustable chest strap is designed to prevent the backpack from easily being stolen off of the person wearing it
*Ergonomically S-shaped shoulder straps are designed for comfort

iSafe Built-in Alarm Collegiate Laptop Backpack

iSafe Built-in Alarm Collegiate Laptop Backpack

The iSafe Guardian Backpacks feature a spacious main compartment and two side mesh pockets for storing all your essentials. Take it with you to school, the beach or when you spend the night at a friend’s house. The elastic string on the front will hold extra clothing and other items. You can loosen and tighten it as needed, too.

Available in black, blue, pink and green!!! Lots of color options for you and your children.

Things to Tell Your Kids about Safety

*Always check first with a parent, or other trusted adult before going anywhere, accepting anything, or getting into a car with anybody!
*Do not go out to play or walk anywhere alone. Take a friend with you when going places or playing outside.
*Say NO if someone tries to touch you in any way.
*Run away from any situation you are not comfortable in.
*Always tell a parent or other trusted adult if you are in any uncomfortable or dangerous situation. They are there to help you.

iSafe Built-in Alarm Laptop Messenger Bag

iSafe Built-in Alarm Laptop Messenger Bag

Messenger bags are my favorite way to carry books and my laptop. I love the fact that iSafe makes messenger bags with alarms, too! This sleek bag is great for men, women, boys and girls. Give some for Christmas or birthdays to the students and professionals in your life.

There are at least 7 storage compartments to hold everything from your laptop and smartphone, to your pens and pencils.

The extra padding on the handle offers support and extra safety when carrying heavy items, so you can be assured you and your content will be safe!

iSafe Waist Pack

For joggers and those who only need to carry a few items, a waist pack is a great option. This iSafe Waist Pack offers the safety alarm like their other bags do, too, so you can sound the alarm if necessary.

Adjustable waist belt and spacious compartments allow you to store items and go!

iSafe Waist Pack, BlueiSafe Waist Pack

Reminder to Parents

*Don’t forget children who are older. Children ages 11 to 17 are equally at risk to victimization. Make sure they understand safety rules as well.

*Speak to your children in a manner that is calm and reassuring. Fear can be paralyzing to a child.

*Speak openly. Children are more likely to come to you, if you don’t try to cover-up or leave out important facts. They need to trust you.

*Do not teach “stranger danger.” People who your children know are actually more of a danger than strangers. And children can’t always grasp what “stranger” means.

*Practice “What-if” scenarios.

*Teach your children that safety is more important than manners. In other words, it is more important for children to get themselves out of a dangerous situation than it is to be polite. They also need to know that it is okay to tell you what happened, and they won’t be tattletales.

*Use every opportunity to teach your child about safety and what to do in certain situations. If you hear about an abduction, that’s an open door for discussion, etc.

*Parents should choose opportunities or “teachable” moments to reinforce safety skills. If an incident occurs in your community and your child asks you about it, speak frankly but with reassurance. Explain to your children that you want to discuss the safety rules with them, so that they will know what to do if they are ever confronted with a potentially dangerous situation. Make sure you have “safety nets” in place, so that your children know there is always someone who can help them.

iSafe Backpacks

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