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The Jellycat Monkey for Children of all ages

Jellycat Monkey

Have you seen these Jellycat monkeys? These are sure to be a hit with any child on the gift list.

Sometimes, it can be difficult to choose just the right gift for a baby or child. The Jellycat Monkey is great because they will continue to delight the child from birth through age 6.

Even older kids like them, because, what’s not to love? They are adorable, soft, cute monkeys which have extra long arms and legs. They also have a sand bottom so they can sit by themselves.
Small babies and toddlers will undoubtedly laugh when an adult plays peek-a-boo with them using the Jellycat Monkey.

 Jellycat Bashful Sleeptime Monkey BlanketCheck Price Jellycat Fuddlewuddle Monkey, Medium, 9Check Price Jellycat Bashful Monkey – MediumCheck Price Jellycat Mattie Monkey, Medium, 17Check Price Jellycat Monty Monkey – 14Check Price Jellycat Bashful Monkey Soother SecurityCheck Price Jellycat Board Books, If ICheck Price Jellycat Mumbles Monkey, 15 inchesCheck Price Jellycat I Know a MonkeyCheck Price Jellycat Cordy Roy Monkey, Medium,Check Price Jellycat Poppet Monkey, Small, 5.5Check Price Jellycat Bashful Monkey Ring Rattle,Check Price Jellycat Bashful Sleeptime Monkey BlanketCheck Price Nugget Monkey Small 8Check Price Jellycat Soft Cloth Book, SleepyCheck Price


Toddlers will enjoy cuddling them, and older children will have hours of fun playing make believe. One of these can quickly become a child’s best friend (toy). They also come in several sizes, so they can be as easy to tote, or as life-like as desired. The biggest one is 2 ½ feet tall, and yet is lightweight. Most kids find them to be excellent pillows too

The facial expression on the Jellycat Monkey will delight everyone. Each one has a cheerful grin, big round eyes and a look that says “Come and play with me, friend!” They can be spot cleaned and will provide years of fun and enjoyment to any child. There are other Jellycat animals too, which provides the opportunity to provide a small zoo of playful toys. Reviews of this toy are exceptionally good, with many people praising the durability and love-ability of each one. This is one toy which will be well used and loved, so expect to see often accompanying the child who receives it. Children fall so head-over-heels in love

The Jellycat Zoo

Jellycat Stuffed Animals in All Shapes and Sizes

Jellycat has an entire zoo-full of stuffed animals. Collect them all!

 Jellycat Bashful Beige Bunny, Medium,Check Price Jellycat Mad Pet Odette Ostrich,Check Price Jellycat Mad Pet Cyril Sloth,Check Price Jellycat Bashful Hedgehog, Medium, 12Check Price Jellycat Bashful Unicorn, Medium –Check Price Jellycat Bashful Dinosaur, Medium, 12Check Price Jellycat Fuddlewuddle Puppy, Medium –Check Price Jellycat Bashful Pink Bunny SootherCheck Price Jellycat Fuddlewuddle Lion – MediumCheck Price Jellycat Bashful Black and CreamCheck Price Jellycat Blossom Jasmine Bunny –Check Price Jellycat Little Owl, 7 inchesCheck Price Jellycat Blossom Lily Bunny –Check Price Jellycat Squiggle Kitty, 9 inchesCheck Price Jellycat Squiggle Pig, 9 inchesCheck Price Jellycat Bashful Pink Tulip Bunny,Check Price Jellycat Cordy Roy FoxCheck Price Jellycat Bashful Grey Bunny, Medium,Check Price Jellycat Bashful Lilac Hippo, Medium,Check Price Jellycat Woodland Bunny, Medium, 12Check Price Jellycat Bashful Cream Bunny, Medium,Check Price Jellycat Blossom Posy Bunny, Medium,Check Price Jellycat Bashful Toffee Puppy, Medium,Check Price Jellycat Woodland Babe Moose, Medium,Check Price Jellycat Bashful Pink Bunny ChimeCheck Price Jellycat Wowser Wilber Whale –Check Price Jellycat Tutu Lulu Cream Bunny,Check Price Jellycat Toothy Shark, Large –Check Price Jellycat Bashful Cow, Medium, 12Check Price Jellycat Bashful Donkey, Medium, 12Check Price Jellycat Fuddlewuddle Elephant, Medium, 9Check Price Jellycat Fuddlewuddle Fox, Medium –Check Price Jellycat Bumbly Bear, Medium, 17Check Price Jellycat Fuddlewuddle KittenCheck Price Jellycat Sweetie Giraffe, 12 inchesCheck Price Jellycat Bashful Fox Cub, Medium,Check Price


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