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Kelsey’s Song

Kelsey’s Song

Kelsey’s Song is an Adult fiction, contemporary romance by Lanie Kincaid. It is first in a series.

Kelsey is a young single mom who lives in Nashville, TN. She has a daughter Allie, and  has raised a nephew, Daniel.  Her brother Andrew, committed suicide.  She works from home  writing home loans.

She meets JD and Andie at Target when Andie is throwing a temper tantrum because JD wants to buy her some clothes.  JD explains that Andie’s mom, Stephanie, had died of cancer and  CPS had contacted him because his name was listed as Andie’s dad.  Andie is 5 and he never knew she existed.  Kelsey does not trust men but takes up with JD.

Kelsey's Song

Kelsey’s Song

Kelsey and JD discover they are neighbors so she offers to try to help him with Andie.  JD is in a band with his brother and two other guys. So far they haven’t  had much luck getting gigs.  JD plays the stock market to keep an income.

Kelsey tries to figure out how to develop trust between JD and Andie.  Andie will not let him brush her hair or bathe her.  Kelsey has him to brush her hair a few times to see if that will work. They spend lots of time together and both start falling in love.  Kelsey thinks she is too old for JD and he think she is still in love with her husband.

Read the book to see how it all comes out and whether the band makes a go of it.  I enjoyed the book but it does have some adult language and sex in it.

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