Kiddie Pools for Toddlers

Kiddie Pools

A fun way to keep cool in the hot summer is to set up a kiddie pool for toddlers. Kids love to be able to get in the water and splash and have a good time. If you check out the funny video below you’ll see that dogs love kiddie pools too! It’s important for everyone to have a way to cool off, even the dogs!
You don’t want to leave small children unsupervised around a pool, even a small kiddie pool. No worries! It’s a great excuse for you to cool off too! Break out the swim suits, fill up the pool, and go have a refreshingly good time with the kids!

Toddler’s Kiddie Pool

Kiddie Pool for Summer Fun

Intex 117-by-76-by-53-Inch Rainbow Ring Pool Play Center

Doesn’t this kiddie pool look like fun? It includes a water slide, wading pool, water sprayer, and a ring toss game with 4 inflatable rings. There’s a water sprayer that attaches to a garden hose. Six plastic balls are included for a couple of games.
This is a great backyard kiddie pool that will provide hours of summer fun for your children.


Don’t these kiddie pools for toddlers look inviting? Notice how some of them are big enough for Mom and Dad to join the kids. When the summer sun is scorching, a little pool like this can be a lifesaver. Not only are they a great way to beat the heat, they’re fun! Set up a kiddie pool in the back yard and have a blast!

 Paradise Lagoon Pool, Age 3+
 Ocean Play Center 100″ X 77″ X 31″
 Swim Center Family Pool
 Intex Giraffe Spray Pool
 Intex Dinosaur Play Center Pool
 Dinosaur Play Center

Bulldogs and Kiddie Pools

Kiddie Pools for Toddlers (and Bulldogs)

Kids aren’t the only ones who enjoy kiddie pools. Watch and see what Gus the bulldog tries to do with his kiddie pool.

Kiddie Pools

aren’t just for kids. Adults and dogs like them too!

Refreshing Kiddie Pools

Kiddie Pools for Toddlers

Take your turn in the kiddie pool and be refreshed! Yes, I know these kiddie pools are for toddlers but someone has to be out there watching the kids, right? Who says you can’t take a little dip? Some of the pools come in themes that kids will love, such as a whale, a pirate ship, or an alligator. Which one would your kids like?

 Intex Inflatable Whale Spray Pool
 Banzai Spray n Play Lion Pool
 Intex Gator Play Center
 Intex Ship Wreck Play Center – Inflatable Pool
 Pirate Hideout Play Center, 120″ X 60″ X 64″
 Splash and Play Pirate Play Center Pool

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