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Kids’ Abraham Lincoln Costume

Abraham Lincoln Costume for Kids

The Abraham Lincoln Costume for Kids Catalog provides you with a wide range of costumes of Abe Lincoln for Boys. You will find a variety of ideas, daily clothing, formal theater costumes, and the traditional hat and beard (which is by far the most important element of this costume). Take your pick from the wide selection, find the right size, and you are done!

If you find you have not made a decision by the time you are done reviewing this guide to buying an Abraham Lincoln Costume then you can use the search, buy a gift card, or send the page to a friend so they can help you decide.

Costume parties, school plays, holiday dress up, and more can be so much more fun when the kids are dressed up and learning about people in history. Abraham Lincoln Costume for Kids buying guide is the best resource for finding just the right costume for your kids. Don’t miss the other costume pages created for you as well spanning costumes for everyone in the family!

Abraham Lincoln Costume – Child Costume

Abraham Lincoln Costume – Child Costume – Large (12-14)

This child’s Abraham Lincoln costume is available in sizes small, medium and large. Int includes the jacket with attached vest, the stovepipe hat and the beard. You provide the black pants and shoes.

This adorable costume will have your child looking like Abraham Lincoln in no time flat. Your child might also enjoy wearing this as a school project, during a theater production, or simply for dress-up play at home!


Deluxe Abraham Lincoln Costume

Great for Re-enactments, School Programs, or Theatre Groups

Rubie’s Deluxe Abraham Lincoln Costume – Medium

Abraham Lincoln Costume Kids & Kids Abraham Lincoln Costume Kits are easy to find on this page and will give you ideas to give your kids the best costume of all. For plays, costume parties, and more.

The elements of an Abe Lincoln Kids Costume can be seen in the examples on this page. Look at each element separately and make sure to consider each part of the costume as an individual piece. This way you can find other uses for each piece in other costumes later (making this a great investment).

You will certainly stand tall wearing this authentic looking costume.


Abraham Lincoln Costumes and Accessories

Abraham Lincoln CostumeHonest Abe BeardAbraham Lincoln CostumeAbraham Lincoln Costume,

Boy’s Abraham Lincoln Costume for Theatre

Child’s Abraham Lincoln Theater Costume, Large

Finding a costume for a Child in the Abraham Lincoln Costumes guide is one of the best ways to ensure you find the quality you are looking for. The outfit Abraham Lincoln wore for the Theatre (for example) is a bit more formal than everyday clothing (which were professional).

So, take a look at this kind of costume, when you want a more formal approach to your Boy’s Abraham Lincoln Costume.

This is available in other sizes, as well. Simply do a search once you get on the product page.


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