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Kids Backpacks for School

Backpacks for Kids – Great School Bookbags!

Kids Backpacks for School Books & Supplies

Back to school is an exciting time for many kids from grade school to college, and you’ll want to make sure they have the best possible backpacks for school books and supplies.

Backpacks will not only hold your kids’ books, but they are great for electronics, bagged lunches, extra clothing, money, makeup, and other items students might need.

Make sure your child’s backpack is sturdy enough to hold their belongings, and if the fabric is waterproof or easily cleaned, then that’s all the better.

Choose a backpack based on durability, style, and a color or design your child will enjoy. Some backpacks offer insulated areas to keep food and drinks chilled, while others offer multiple pockets for things like a cell phone, writing utensils, and more.

Your child’s backpack will reflect on their fashion style, too, so let them help you pick out the perfect backpack for back to school.

Kids Backpacks on Amazon

Waterproof Backpack with Reflector

Kids Waterproof Backpack for Elementary or Middle SchoolKids Waterproof Backpack for Elementary or Middle School

This backpack is available in 9 colors. There’s something for every age and every gender.

The fabric is waterproof, so if your child drops it in a puddle, or other water, their belongings will remain dry and safe.

The back has a thick padding for comfort when carrying, too!

Smart Design of the Reflective Fabric on the Straps to make it safer.

Cute Cartoon Backpack Animal Shaped Shoulder Book Bag

NOHOO Toddler Kids Cute Cartoon Backpack Shoulder Bag-CuteNOHOO Toddler Kids Cute Cartoon Backpack Shoulder Bag-Cute

Smaller kids will enjoy this back to school backpack. It’s full of colorful, whimsical fun.

There are 26 designs available, so boys and girls alike are sure to find a backpack they absolutely love!

Hand wash and air dry.

Backpacks for Young Children

Pre-schoolers and young grade school ages will enjoy these cute backpacks for school. There are designs here for all tastes, and your child will love having their very own backpack for school supplies, toys, and more!

 The North Face Youth Sprout Backpack – ice Coolwoo Kid Backpack, Baby Boys Girls Toddler Pre Pumud Baby Toddler Child Kid 3D Cartoon Backpack John Deere Toddler Boys Tractor Backpack, Lime Green, Nohoo Boys Girls 3d School Bag Animal Cartoon Disney Frozen 11 New Mickey Mouse Club House 3D Ears Small Disney Cars Preschool Backpack Toddler (11 Fashion High Quality Baby Kid Toddler Child Infant Despicable Me 2 – 12 Minion Backpack Baby Mate Cotton Cartoon Animal Kids Backpack – Kid Backpack – iPlay, iLearn kids backpack Baby

Animal Head Backpack

Lion, Black Panther or Tiger

Choose from 3 designs: lion, black panther or tiger. All are large enough to hold your student’s belongings, and these animal head backpacks are all the rage on campuses everywhere!

Animal Head Backpack (Lion Large)Animal Head Backpack (Lion Large)

Backpacks for Older Children & Teens

Teens and older kids will appreciate the designs on these cool backpacks! A backpack is a fashion statement for most children. They want something unique, cool, and stylish. Give them what they want in these fun designs!

 SwissGear Travel Gear ScanSmart Backpack High Sierra Loop Backpack, Aquamarine/White/Ash EcoCity Vintage Canvas Backpack Rucksack Schoolbag BP0030B2(Coffee) [HotStyle Fashion Printed] TrendyMax Galaxy Pattern School Backpack Hitop Geometry Dot Casual Canvas Backpack Bag, Fashion Everest Luggage Backpack with Front and Side Pockets, World Traveler Multipurpose Backpack 16-Inch, Blue White Chevron, Kenox Casual Canvas Travel School College Backpack/bookbags/daypack for adidas Prime Backpack, Neo White/Grey/Bold Blue, One Size Leaper Lightweight Canvas Laptop Backpack Cute School Bags Leaper Casual Canvas Laptop Backpack School Bag + The North Face Jester Backpack Gingerbread Brown/Citrine Yellow Outlander Large Packable Handy Lightweight Travel Hiking Backpack SUNPOLLO Backpack Casual Travel Book Bag Cute Teen The North Face Womens Recon Backpack (Brindle Brown/Luminous Hynes Eagle Emoji Kids Backpack (Black) HotStyle 936 Plus College Backpack – Waterproof School Hynes Eagle Printed Kids’ Backpack (Shark) Batman Comic 16 Backpack CAMTOA Children Backpack For School Hiking Camping Mini North Face Girl’s Recon Squash Youth Pink Under Armour Storm Hustle II Backpack, Blue Jet JiaYou Kid Girl Child Oxford Princess Bag Backpack MGgear 18 Inch Butterfly Student School Book Bag

Owl Leather Backpack

Choose Black or Golden

Roomy interior and side pockets allow you to hold your tablet or small laptop, your cell phone, and your lunch money. This cool owl backpack will keep you company and get you noticed!

HEYFAIR Women Cute Owl Leather Backpack Casual CollegeHEYFAIR Women Cute Owl Leather Backpack Casual College

Kids Backpacks on Wayfair

23 Can NCAA PTX Backpack Cooler

23 Can NCAA PTX Backpack Cooler23 Can NCAA PTX Backpack Cooler

Older students will enjoy taking this backpack to games, concerts and other events. Use it for school, too!

With a fully-insulated interior liner that’s also water-resistant, you can use it as a food and beverage tote or as an all-around activity tote. With a variety of expandable pockets and front-mounted stretch cord, the PTX Backpack Cooler can accommodate and store items beyond its visual confines. It’s compact, comfortable and accommodating; the perfect all-around backpack cooler for people on the go!

Backpack by Vagabond Traveler

Backpack by Vagabond TravelerBackpack by Vagabond Traveler

High school and college students with appreciate the ruggedness and roominess of this backpack. It will hold all of their school essentials, and allow them to travel home easily when needed.

Laced-up closure on the top (not zipper). Three outside pockets: two sides, one in the middle. Internal zipper pocket and detachable backpack strap. Vintage brass fitting hardware. Durable thick canvas. Constructed of 100% cotton canvas.

Older kids will love these backpacks. It’s a great idea to always have extra backpacks on hand for travel, sports, etc.

 Heritage Backpack by Alvin and Co. Arsenal General Duty Back Pack Houndstooth Backpack Cooler

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