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Kid’s Playground Turbo Tube Slides

Playground Turbo Tube Slides For Kids

Create a safe and fun playground for your children in your own backyard. The most essential piece to any backyard playground is the slide. But, you can’t have just a normal slide. Make it a turbo tube slide and your kids will absolutely love playing in your backyard playground.

There are green, blue, yellow, and red turbo tube playground slides that attaches easily to your 5 foot, 8 foot, and up to 12 foot decks. These fun kid’s slides have free shipping to any residential address too. Younger children tend to prefer the green playground turbo tube slides. While older child prefer the cool wave and freestanding type of playground slides.

Check Out The Green Kid’s Playground Turbo Tube Slide

The Green Turbo Tube Slide is the ideal slide for commercial, public, school, residential playgrounds, or church playgrounds for kids. Also, standing at over 8 feet high, it is the perfect slide to attach to a tall deck. a 7 foot tall deck to be exact. Installing a playground slide off your deck is a cool and fun way to get to the ground quickly! Your kids will love to have one of these kid’s playground turbo slides in the backyard! You can even attach one of these turbo tube slides to a tree house. Get Creative.

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Create a backyard paradise for your children with fun playground slides that attach to your decks or free standing spiral and turbo slides that are featured right here.

The Basics of a Great Outdoor Play Set

Typical components of an outdoor playset include:

– Towers. In a playset, a tower is a vertical structure with one or more decks placed at various levels. A deck is essentially a horizontal play surface contained within or attached to a tower. Adding a slide to a tower is always a great idea.

– Bridges. Towers may be connected to one another via fixed bridges or chain bridges for children to walk across. Bridges can be made from wood or metals.

– Ladders. Rope ladders and fixed ladders are common accessories for playsets. Kids love to climb up ladders.

– Sandboxes. A sandbox often accompanies an outdoor playset. Add a digger to a sandbox for hours of entertaining play time for your children.

– Slides. Playground slides may be covered or uncovered. Winding slides are the most fun. Turbo slides are a style of winding slides.

– Swings. Swings are usually mounted on a free-standing swingset. Tire swings are a very popular addition to any playground.

– Monkey bars. Towers may be connected by monkey bars as well as bridges. When it comes to climbing, mokey bars are ideal to have in your playground.

What are good playground slides that attach to a deck?

Kids turbo playground slides to attach to decks are a great addition to your backyard. 6 Foot, 8 Foot, 10 foot, 12 foot, and 14 foot playground slides will come with complete installation instructions. Making them pretty easy to install yourself. There are also free standing slides for backyard playgrounds.

Learn how to attach a deck turbo slide to a deck with the instruction included in this deck mountable kids turbo slide.

The 7 foot Green Tunnel Twister Spiral Slide

The 7 foot Tunnel Twister Spiral Slide is a fun and engaging independent slide. Children enjoy the spiral sliding activity. For a taller spiral slide, check out our other playground slides for units over 8 feet high. Put this twisting, turning slide on your swing set for the ultimate playground. Mounts to a 7 ft. platform Lumber Required: one 2″ x 4″ x 12′, and one 4″ x 4″ x 8′ for mounting (sold separately) Weight Limit: 250 lbs For Residential Use Only. Unable to ship to commercial addresses

Turbo Tube Slide Green

5 foot Green Tunnel Twister Turbo Slide

Our 5 Foot Tunnel Twister Playground Spiral Slide is fun for all kids ages! The Spiral Slide Senior is one our most popular playground slides! By adding this playground slide to your park or recreational area for children, the kids will enjoy hours of fun on this Spiral Slide Senior! Features of the Spiral Slide Senior Playground Slide – Outstanding play value and durability – Crafted from aluminum – Stays cooler to the touch than plastic slides – Zinc coated for rust protection – Custom coloring is available

Tunnel Twister 5 foot Turbo Slide

Spiral Playground 7 Foot Yellow Deck Slide for Toddlers

The Perfect Addition To Backyard Playgrounds and Decks. This is one of the best selling plastic slides for 7 foot decks. Learn how to attach a small slide to a deck with the instruction included in this deck mountable kids yellow 7 foot turbo slide. This Playground Slides deck and stairs won’t ever crack, fade in color, or break. Multi-functional tube slide. Can be mounted to 7′ or 5′ platform Lumber required – one – 2″ x 4″ x 8′. (sold separately) Weight Limit: 250 lbs For Residential Use Only. Unable to ship to commercial addresses

PlayStar Spiral 7 Foot Turbo Slide

Playground 5 Foot Yellow Deck Turbo Slide

Do you need a turbo slide that is a little shorter? Here is a 5 foot turbo slide in a yellow color. This twisting slide can be easily attached to a porch deck or existing playground structure.

5 Ft Turbo Tube Slide Yellow

Kid’s Playground Turbo Slides For Sale

More Kids Playground Slides

There are tons of choices for slides. From straight to twisted, smooth to bumpy. Kids can have a blast playing on any of these playground slides. The perfect playground for kids is one that has a combination of slides.

Super SpeedWave SlideSide Winder SlideCool Wave SlideGiant Cool Wave SlideSide Winder SlideHome Kids PlaygroundSummit Slide – GreenAlpine Wave Slide

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  1. Every kid would love a turbo slide in their backyard! These look so fun!

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    The playground turbo slides are a GREAT idea. Not only do they look tremendously fun, they are really safe.

  4. Oh, I would love for my grandbabies to have this playground but they are a little young yet.

  5. Such wonderful memories. I loved to slide when I was a kid. I love the wavy one for sure.

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