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Kids & Toddlers Love Sprinkle Pools & Mats

The Best Sprinkler Pools & Mats

A sprinkler pool or mat is the perfect way for toddlers and kids to cool off on a hot summer day. They love to see the water squirt and spray from the pool.

Babies will giggle with delight trying to catch the water as it shoots up like a geyser. Below is a wonderful selection of sprinkler pools and mats that your little one will enjoy playing and getting cooled off in.

So get out and enjoy the sunshine and warm weather while your children splash and play in their sprinkler pool and mat.

Sprinkler Mat

A sprinkler mat is the perfect sprinkler pool option for little ones

Kids Sprinkler Mat

Kids can learn to get splashed and know that it’s OK, and they can learn that water can be fun! Introduce your children early to the joys of spending time in water and in the great outdoors, and they will grow up to respect water rather than fear it.

Water is a great sensory tool that most kids enjoy. A sprinkle pool and mat is an ideal way to introduce your young children to water without placing them in a deeper pool, which can frighten some kids.


Baby Enjoying The Sprinkler Mat

Ocean Play Center Pool

Intex Kids Pool Ocean Play Center

This pool offers a small pool and a large wading pool. Water squirts up all around the edge of the pool, which kids love and get a thrill out of! Other features include a water slide, an inflatable palm tree, a control valve so you can adjust the water flow, drain plugs in both pools, and a repair patch.

For families who have young children, this is the perfect addition to any backyard. This is a little more advanced than the sprinkle mats featured above, and it will hold a few toddlers for even more family and neighborhood fun.

Intex Ocean Play Center Pool [Toy]

I Love To Splash

I love to splash, I love to play

In my pool on a hot summer day.

Stay with me and have some fun

As we frolic in the golden sun.

I love my pool and waters that spray

I could play out here for all the day.

Splash & Sprinkle Pools

Many kids enjoy sprinklers and the idea of having water sprayed on them. These little sprinkler and spray pools are a great way to introduce them to spraying water, while playing in a cute themed pool that is shallow, but that has enough water to cool them off on a hot summer day.

These pools don’t take up much space in your yard, either, and could even be used on a patio or balcony, if backyard space is limited.

These adorable sprinkle pools allow toddlers to splash and wade and have a good time playing outside! They will get cooled off while getting some fresh air and sunshine, too. Kids love the squirting water that these sprinkle pools provide. Your children will have hours of fun playing in their pool this summer!

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