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King Neptune Costumes

Wear A King Neptune Costume and Rule The Sea

Have you ever dreamed of wearing a Neptune costume? Become the Roman God of the Sea with a King Neptune Costume this Halloween. Have fun and really feel the power of the gods and the adoration of many when you step into this costume.

These costumes are the craziest because they are not what might be expected and are sure to cause a commotion at a party. A classic Neptune Costume will never go out of style!

This awesome collection of Neptune costumes includes something for everyone and all the accessories to go along. Online ordering makes it simple and easy to have your costume all ready to wear for Halloween!

Men’s King Neptune Costumes

 Costume Culture Men’s Neptune Costume, White, Standard Men’s King Neptune Costume, Blue/Brown, One Size Purple Men’s King Neptune Costume


Are You Worthy of Being King Neptune?

 Forum Novelties Men’s King Neptune Wig, White, One Size

If you are going to portray King Neptune, it’s important to know a little bit about this mythical god. King Neptune is the Roman god of fresh water seas. He is the counterpart of the Greek god, Poseidon. King Neptune was a very powerful god and could control all of the waters in the seas. He could make them rough or calm, he could add land or take it away.

The Romans were careful to worship and try to please their god. King Neptune is never without his trident, a common weapon of fishermen. Neptune was also worshiped as a god of horses and the Romans built a temple for him near their race tracks. For this purpose, he was known as Neptune Equester.



King Neptune Costume Accessories

 Deluxe King of the Sea Wig & Beard Set Forum Novelties Men’s King Neptune Wig, White, One Size Forum Novelties Regal King Crown One-Size Rubies Costume Pitchfork with Collapsible Handle


Consider Poseidon, The Greek Ruler of the Seas

 Dreamgirl Costumes Men’s Poseidon, White, XX-Large

Prefer a Greek God over a Roman God, then Poseidon is your hero!



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  1. Gypzeerose

    We just passed Pisces, which of course it ruled by Neptune. But you don’t have to be Piscean to enjoy these cool King Neptune costumes!

  2. LOL. Have to confess. Never dreamed of being King Neptune or wearing a King Neptune costume. But I am fascinated with mythology and this is a neat costume idea.

  3. Cool King Neptune costumes!

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