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Cute Knitting Bags and Totes

Start your shopping for knitting bags and totes right here. You’ve got to have a good knitting bag for all your knitting projects and to keep your knitting accessories organized. Many like to keep projects separated so they have a different bag for each project.

And think gift giving. So many occasions that a knitter would love to receive some additional bags for projects. And a true knitter can never have too many. And they are beautiful. This best part is organizing and putting yarns and patterns in a place you’ll be able to find again. I can tell you first hand, a knitting bag is a great gift for someone who loves to knit.

And just because it is called a knitting bag it certainly doesn’t need to be limited to knitting. I also carry my crochet and my cross stitch in my bags. A crafter will figure out what to do with a knitting bag no doubt at all. And some of them are so cute you will be tempted to carry as a purse. Check out some of the bags in the video below. Really cute!

Gorgeous Quality Tapestry Carpet Bags

Ready for your next knitting project and so much more


Beautiful eye-catching bag features a burnt orange design on a taupe background. Lining is a fine plaid of gold, taupe and burnt orange. Handles are soft dark brown leather. Second image shows back of bag with envelope pocket. This hand crafted carpet bag includes a matching removable shoulder strap, secure fabric magnetic closure and features a 9 x 13 inch envelope pocket on the back – perfect for plane tickets, magazines/books or even laptops and tablets. Bag handles are crafted from soft, rolled glove leather, very pliable and comfortable in your hand. ArtisanStreet carpet bags are an authentic reproduction based on the traditional theme. We use the finest of tapestry fabrics covering a steel, spring-loaded steel frame which snaps open for easy access – similar to opening & closing an old-fashioned doctor’s bag.

Top Knitting Bags and Totes

Looking for the best knitting bags and totes?

Being a knitter for many decades, I love knitting bags with tons of storage. This bag fits the bill. You are going to be pleased with the organization of this bag.

With this bag you don’t have to also carry a purse, allowing you to having knitting and purse and storage all in one stylish beautiful bag.

Your knitting accessories will fit and be where you put them when you next pick up your project. Also the yarn while in your bag with the top cinched will not tangle as you knit and pull more yarn. Very cool. And it is a very nice looking bag, nothing you won’t want to carry with you wherever you go.


A Look Inside a Knitting Bag and Tote (Video)

You’d be amazed at what you can put in there.

I thought this video was very interesting to compare what other people put in their knitting bags. This particular knitting bag was made by the women in this video and she really is able to pack it and organize it well. Knitting bags are personal, what you put in them makes all the sense in the world to you.

Traditional Knitting Bags and Totes

These are knitting bags and totes that were actually created for the craft

Yarn Tote BagYarn Tote BagMy Favorite Knitting BagMy Favorite Knitting BagStitch Happy Three Pocket Tote 12-1/2Stitch Happy Three Pocket Tote 12-1/2K1C2 Knit Happy Bright Bag, 15K1C2 Knit Happy Bright Bag, 15Orange Small GoKnit Pouch Project BagOrange Small GoKnit Pouch Project BagJanetBasket Red Floral Eco BagJanetBasket Red Floral Eco BagYarn Storage Bag for Ultimate Organization.Yarn Storage Bag for Ultimate Organization.Yarn Tote Organizer, Knitting Tote Bag,Yarn Tote Organizer, Knitting Tote Bag,

Beautiful Knitting Bags From Etsy

Etsy Well Known for their Quality and Artisan’s Designs

Knitting bag, handmade bag, handmade basket, knitting basketKnitting bag, handmade bag, handmade basket, knitting basketREDUCED! Large Knitting Bag in Designer's Guild Fabric with Matching Pin CaseREDUCED! Large Knitting Bag in Designer’s Guild Fabric with Matching Pin CaseRed Knitting BagRed Knitting BagKnitting Project Bag Upholstery Fabric Pink CreamKnitting Project Bag Upholstery Fabric Pink Cream

Beautiful Tote Bags That Are Great Knitting Bags

Less traditional and more beautiful. Great Bags and Totes for Knitting And Many Other Uses as Well

Signare Fashion Canvas /Tapestry Acrossbody bag/ Messenger Bag/ Peony DesignSignare Fashion Canvas/Tapestry Shopping Bag/Tote Bag/ Shoulder Bag/ Box bag/ Carry All Bag in Strawberry Thief Design (Red)Horse Tapestry Tote Handbag PurseBanberry Designs Fashion & Style Canvas Shopping Shoulder Tote BagHorse Tapestry Duffle Carrying Bag - 16World Traveler Horse Tapestry 19-inch Travel Tote Bag

Gorgeous Tapestry Knitting Bags – A favorite Among Knitters

Another Beautiful Etsy Artisan Design

Beautiful drawstring tapestry bag with a fun authentic touch, a matching tassel. This bag is handmade and perfect for a take along project. And it has outside pockets that will carry your knitting patterns or knitting accessories. It is very fun and has a 52 inch strap that will let you carry it over your shoulder with ease. Perfect for traveling and knitting in style.

Brown Medallion Bag Tapestry Bag Brown Bag With Tassel Renaissance BagBrown Medallion Bag Tapestry Bag Brown Bag With Tassel Renaissance Bag

Knitting Is Personal

Knitters take themselves seriously.
And have a different bag for each project.
Each project is special
so should each bag be special

Gorgeous Tapestry Bags by ArtisanStreet

Perfect for knitting bags, carry on bags, luggage or shopping



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  3. Gypzeerose

    These are really amazing. I had no idea knitting bags could be so beautiful! These are classic, the kind of thing that gets passed down in a family.

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