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Know More About Your Double Deck Pizza Oven

Pizza Ovens

Buying a pizza oven for commercial purpose is an important decision. The pizza ovens come in different sizes and with different number of decks. If you are planning to buy the oven for commercial purpose then it is better to go for pizza ovens with more than one deck. These ovens help you to cook more than one pizza at the same time. This will save your time as well as effort when you want to make more pizzas within a short time. The double deck ovens for commercial purpose is not very cheap hence it is necessary to know more about the pizza ovens with double deck before select one for your use. This will help you to select the best type of pizza oven for your commercial kitchen.

Double Deck Pizza Ovens

Double deck pizza ovens or the twin deck ovens are very convenient in commercial kitchens like that of a restaurant. You can manage with fewer staff if you have double deck pizza ovens with conveyers. The double deck pizza ovens come with firebrick or ceramic base.  These ovens are available with different fuel requirement. There are ovens that use wood, charcoal, gas and electricity as their fuel source. You can choose your double deck pizza oven according to the base required and according to the fuel type. The shelf in which the pizzas are kept for baking is known as the deck. It is necessary to consider the space in your kitchen before you get a double deck pizza oven for your kitchen.

 basic 66 electric pizza deck oven

Important Features Needed

A good pizza oven should have certain useful features.  The hearth baking oven should have cordierite decks with firebrick lining on the sides. This will ensure consistent temperature during the baking process. It is better to have ovens with the weight balanced design of doors. This makes the oven tight sealed during the cooking process. The heat will not be wasted while cooking the pizza. The oven should have crumb ejection facility and easy access to the combustion chambers and burners. The outer part should be made of material that offers insulation for high temperature. The oven should be able to provide a temperature range of 3000F to 6500F for proper cooking of the food item.  The burners should offer 40,000 BTUs/hr.  It is also necessary to make sure that the oven selected by you has the automatic ignition and shut off facilities.

Buying The Oven

Look for the different options available and the features of the different models while selecting the pizza oven. Look for the popularity and reliability of the company producing the particular oven.  If you need more information about the oven, you can contact the company through phone or through email. Select the oven from companies or online dealers who offer free shipping of the item to your doorstep. You can use your credit card to order the item.

If you are looking for double deck pizzaovens for commercial use, you can consider the popular ones like Montague double deck pizza oven.

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