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Know Your Bearded Dragon

Bearded dragons are a great choice for a pet lizard. Bearded dragons are a medium sized lizard and have basic care requirements. Selecting a healthy bearded dragon from a reputable dealer or private breeder is the best way to go when purchasing a Bearded Dragon.

Before bringing your Bearded Dragon home have a cage set up and ready to go, have plenty of crickets on hand and some green vegetables like collard greens or turnip greens. Bearded dragons make great pets for and are perfect as a first lizard to own.

Daily Record Keeping

Bearded Dragons can live for many years and with proper care and handling diseases should not be a problem. Knowing your bearded dragon and how it acts, eats and poops is important for detecting when something is wrong. Keeping daily records will help spot a problem at its earliest possible stage. I would keep a small clipboard attached to each cage and make daily notes about my bearded dragon. Daily record keeping should include cage temperatures, number of crickets ate . Take notes about how active your Dragon is,does it have good color and did it eagerly eat its vegetables and fruits. Did your Bearded Dragon have its daily stool movement? This is also important to keep tract of also write anything of special interest to you about your Bearded Dragon. I also measure and weight my Bearded Dragons every other week. If you notice any changes in your Bearded Dragons daily routine then it is cause for alarm and you should consult a local veterinarian as soon as possible. Bearded Dragons are great pets and I highly recommend a Bearded Dragon to anyone interested in reptiles.

Bearded Dragon Care

Bearded Dragon

Bearded Dragons are easy to care and have basic needs that must be met to keep them happy and healthy for a long time to come. Bearded Dragons can grow up to 20 inches long and require a cage that is about twice the length of a adult bearded dragon. The cage should have a hiding place, a log or branch to climb on and a food and water dish. Bearded dragons come from a desert environment and like a nice warm temperature to bask in and a shaded area to cool down in. Temperatures should be around 80 on the cool side with a basking spot around 100 for optimum conditions. Bearded dragons are heavy eaters and can put away some crickets. I usually feed about 12 crickets at a time removing any that does not get ate after about 10 minutes. Bearded dragons also enjoy a mixture of fruits and vegetables I general give the greens in the morning and a feeding of crickets in the evening. Fresh water should always be provided and water dishes cleaned each day.


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