Kurt Adler Ornaments

Kurt Adler Christmas Collectible Ornaments

Kurt Adler designs are brilliant, and he is well known for his Christmas collection, especially his ornaments.

These Kurt Adler Christmas tree ornaments will make your tree shine with beauty and delight! They will add color, whimsy, and fun to any Christmas tree in your home or office.

You’ll also be proud to give any Kurt Adler ornament as a gift to family and friends, or at an ornament exchange party, which is always fun!

Ornaments can also be displayed on ornament hangers, Christmas packages, or on a hook on your wall. If you love it, display it anyway you can, so that you can enjoy it any time.

These Kurt Adler collectible ornaments also make nice gift basket additions, office gifts, gifts for your mail carrier, teachers, and more.

Don’t you just love these Kurt Adler ornaments?!

GNOMES with Birch Fawn Raccoon and Dove Set of 3 Ornaments

GNOMES with Birch Fawn Raccoon and Dove Set of 3 Christmas Ornaments

Birch Gnomes

NEW from Kurt Adler’s Birch Berries County Christmas collection – adorable Christmas Gnomes each with birch log and woodland friends, these are large and heavy weighted ornaments, about 6″ each, made of resin, with fabric, wooly beards, glitter accented. Adorable and life-like.


Kurt Adler Babys 1st Christmas Girl Bear Ball

Kurt Adler 120mm Babys 1st Christmas Girl Bear Ball

This Kurt Adler Janis Capps Babys 1st Christmas Boy Bear Ball is a fun and festive addition to your Christmas tree décor. The light pink ornament is delicately hand painted with an image of a teddy bear; the teddy bear is wearing a green scarf that is wrapped into a bow around his neck. In between the teddy bear’s legs, is a yellow and red toy black with the letter A painted on the front of it. The Teddy bear is holding a toy in his hand that is outlined with blue, pink and clear rhinestones.


Despicable Me Ornament Assortment

2.25″ Despicable ME Ornament Assortment 5/asstd: French Maid, Fire Hose, Fire Alarm, Golfer & Hula Minion.

2.25″ Despicable Me Ornament Assortment 5/asstd: De2141 French Maid, De2142 Fire Hose, De2143 Fire Alarm, De2144 Golfer & De2145 Hula Minion.

Selection of Kurt Adler Ornaments

Kurt Adler Christmas tree ornaments are like no others. You’ll love these whimsical, colorful designs, and the fun they will add to your Christmas tree. Proudly give them as Christmas gifts to the special people in your life, too. You can’t go wrong with Kurt Adler Christmas ornaments!

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Kurt Adler Snowflake Drop Ornaments, Set of 12

Creatively designed with your needs in mind. Famous Kurt Adler Brand. The perfect gift. Click on photo for details and pricing.

Kurt Adler Snowflake Drop Ornaments, Set of 12


More Beautiful Selections

No matter what your hobbies or interests may be, there’s a Kurt Adler ornament for you. There’s a wide range of designs to suit every taste, and every Christmas tree! Whether you have a themed tree or an eclectic mix of ornaments, add some of the Kurt Adler ornaments to it for a tree that’s even more lovely.

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