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Stunning Lacquer Boxes

Lacquer Boxes Are Exquisite Art Beyond Compare

Unique lacquer boxes are flawlessly hand painted using a traditional technique, making each a unique masterpiece.

The principal materials used to create lacquer boxes are paper Mache and Olgolite with paper Mache being more expensive but lighter than Olgolite.

In order to provide the fine detail the artist uses a magnifying glass to paint scenes from history, works of art, fairy tales and legends.

Lacquer boxes make outstanding gifts for everybody. They are perfect holiday like Mother’s Day gifts, they fit for a graduation present for a young girl and even are ideal for men when given in the form of a Mahjon game set!

Chinese Lacquer Boxes

An art that dates from over 7,000 years

A Chinese artistic tradition over 7,000 years old, lacquer is the sap from the lacquer tree, which is native to China. The Chinese discovered that this sap applied in thin layers to an object would dry to form a hard, durable glossy surface.

During the Ming Dynasty, lacquer boxes could be found with gorgeous colors and designs painted on them by mixing pigments with the lacquer. These artisans created unique lacquer boxes and other lacquer ware considered works of art.

Presently, beautiful lacquer boxes are hand-crafted using those centuries-old traditions. Individual layers of lacquer are hand-poured on a wooden base and hand-polished over several days to produce that deep, rich finish impermeable to heat and alcohol. The end result produces a beautiful, yet durable, unique lacquer box where you can store your finest treasures and memories.

Chinese Etched Red Lacquer Dowry BoxChinese Traditional Handicraft Lacquer BoxPiling Palang Rectangular Lacquer BoxPiling Palang Lacquer Box Diamond PatternLacquer Jewelry Trinket Box ChineseChinese Jewelry Chest – Tibetan Motif

Tang Style Lacquer Jewelry Box – Limited EdtTang Style Lacquer Jewelry Box – Limited EdtTang Style Lacquer Jewelry Box – Limited Edt

Japanese Lacquer Boxes

Fine art at its best

Japanese artists are recognized throughout the world for bringing the art of lacquer to its artistic and technical peak. The 17th-century term “japan”, refers to a range of lacquer techniques, but especially those developed in Europe and Great Britain to resemble lacquer ware imported from the Orient.

For over 6000 years Japanese lacquer has been part of the country’s tradition. Japanese lacquer begins with the sap from the urushi tree. Japanese lacquer boxes come to be when Urushi is applied to wood or paper substrates to form urushi-wares and then artists use a black, oil-based varnish on the wood. This very old Kamakura tradition is still alive and in use today.

Presently, lacquer ware used on unique lacquer boxes and many other items is produced throughout the Japanese islands through many regional techniques and variations.

Mother of Pearl Handcrafted Jewelry Case,jewel Box Trinket Box Japanese Apricot Flower DesignJapanese Red Lacquer Three Tiers Sakura Jyubako Stack Candy Bento Box, Made in Japan

Russian Lacquer Boxes

Typical form of art

Russian lacquer boxes generally come from one of four small Russian villages.

The lacquer boxes get their name from the many layers of lacquer applied both inside and outside most commonly in red or black. Creating one box can take from 20 days to two months or more from start to finish, not including the time needed by the artist for the actual painting. The last layers applied when the painting is done are clear and account for the incredible shine on each unique lacquer box. An impermeable gloss finish protects the hand painted art work for generations making many of the unique lacquer boxes cherished family heirlooms.

Lacquer boxes from Palekh have the highest world-wide acclaim and have been called “a small miracle”. Fedoskino artists use oil paints instead of the egg-based temperas. Kholui’s late start in the 1930’s may be why Kholui artists take a more bold approach. Mstera lacquer boxes usually have the lightest colors.

Tea Bag Wooden Carved Storage BoxLacquer Box Hand-painted Pencil CaseRussian Hand Painted Paper-mache Lacquer BoxBeautiful Wooden Lacquer Box for StorageWooden Lacquer Box for Storage SwansHand-painted Khokhloma Lacquer Box

More Stunning Asian Lacquer Boxes

You can find even more stunning and unique of such chests produced in other countries such as India, Vietnam, Thailand, Korea, … Some are absolutely marvelous and enable you to have a very special and unusual, yet useful decoration in your house.

Lacquer Wooden Trinket Drawer BoxHandmade Lacquer Wooden leenex DispenserAsian Lacquer Wooden Jewelry CaseApricot Flower Lacquer Wooden Jewelry ChestWooden Jewellery Box w/Hidden Drawersjewellery bbox w/Drawers Lacquer Wood Case

Lacquered boxes, ‘Floral Octagons’ (pair)Check Price @NovicaLacquered wood boxes, ‘Orchid Romance’ (pair)Check Price @NovicaLacquered wood boxes, ‘Birds of Paradise’ (3)Check Price @NovicaWood jewelry box, ‘Mughal Secrets’ (India)Check Price @NovicaPapier mache jewelry box, ‘Kashmir Dawn’ (India)Check Price @Novica

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