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Large Indoor Rabbit Cage UK

What You Need In An Indoor Rabbit Hutch

Rabbits are very popular animals and often require a cage, even if you do allow them to freely roam from time to time within an enclosed space in your home. When it comes time to choose a cage for your friendly rabbit, there are some features that you have to look at. A large indoor rabbit cage is ideal, but there are many other things to consider.

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Large Indoor Rabbit Cages

Best Size for Large Rabbits

Big is often better especially in regard to a rabbit cage. Most house rabbits spend a considerable amount of time in their cages, which means that space is a important feature to take into account . You should look to purchase a rabbit cage that is not only large but also functional for home use. The best way to decide on the size of your cage is to consider the size of your rabbit when it reaches its adult size. This will vary on the breed. It is important to buy a large rabbit cage that is at least 4 times larger than the actual size of your rabbit, because anything smaller will not be ideal. Look for a cage that is large enough so that when the rabbit stands on its hind legs, its ears do not touch the roof of the cage.

Ferplast Casita 120cm Rabbit CageFerplast Casita 120cm Rabbit CageRead Reviews and Check Today’s Offer

A big cage measuring about 120 cm long
Comes complete with food tray and a water bottle
Has a top opening and a front door as well
Curved roof design gives extra room to bunny to move around
Suitable for guinea pigs and hedgehogs as well


Little Friends Rabbit Cage, 120 m, SilverLittle Friends Rabbit Cage, 120 m, SilverSee All Cages By Little Friends Here

The Little Friends cage has a hay rack for continuous supply of hay, a nutritious source of fiber. I like the little built-in house where you bunny rabbit can go hide if it feels unsecured.


Caring For Domestic Rabbts

Understanding rabbits’ needs
Learn about rabbit biology and behaviour; get expert advice on how to keep rabbits healthy and happy.

Looking after your rabbit
Blue Cross UK. Animal welfare charity, with animal hospitals and animal adoption services. We also offer support for pet bereavement, and host online pet memorials

How To Pick Up Your Pet Rabbit The Proper Way

Large Rabbit Cage With Stand

For Guinea Pigs As Well

Large Indoor Rabbit Cage On Stand With WheelsLarge Indoor Rabbit Cage On Stand With WheelsCheck Today’s Offer
If you have other pets in your home and feel that your bunny rabbit will be safer in an elevated house, a rabbit cage on stand is a good option. The extra large Liberta Retreat Indoor Rabbit Cage and Stand has wheels so you can haul your pet to any room or outside to the patio if you wish.


Door Size Matters

Not only is the total size of your rabbit cage important, but the size of the door opening is also essential. The design of any large rabbit cage should include a door that is large enough to remove the litter pan with ease. This will make cleaning your rabbit’s cage much simpler and save you a lot of time in the long run. Most large rabbit cages come equipped with adequately large doors, but you must check to be sure before purchasing. If your pet rabbit is allowed to roam freely in the house, than an opening from the side will allow it to go in and out of the cage whenever it wants. Most cages have an opening from the top as well, a nice feature to have if you got little ones who like to pet the bunnies.

If the side door is going to double as a ramp, cover it so the rabbit’s foot does not get caught in the space between the wires.

Heritage Indoor Rabbit Cage 100 cmHeritage Indoor Rabbit Cage 100 cm Click For ReviewsLarge Rabbit Cage Guinea Pig Chinchilla Rat Hutch House Playpen Run 120(L) X 58(W) X 40(H)cmLarge Rabbit Cage Guinea Pig Chinchilla Rat Hutch House Playpen Run 120(L) X 58(W) X 40(H)cmClick For Reviews


Cage For 2 Rabbits

Rabbits are social animals and they prefer to be with other rabbits. Its best to have a friendly companion in their cage. If left alone for a long time with no one to play with, they may suffer and end up developing abnormal behaviours.

These two and three tier cages have wooden ramps to allow the bunnies to go between the floors.

Ferplast Rabbit 120 Double Rabbit Cage, 118 x 58 x 102 cmFerplast Rabbit 120 Double Rabbit Cage, 118 x 58 x 102 cmCheck Today’s OfferLittle Friends Rabbit Cage, Triple, 100 cmLittle Friends Rabbit Cage, Triple, 100 cmCheck Today’s Offer

Outdoor Rabbit Hutch And Run

Remember that for house rabbits to be happy and healthy, they need to exercise daily, graze on fresh green grass, and chew on healthy food to keep their growing teeth clean and strong. If you have an outdoor hutch, attach a run to it so your bunny can freely hop and play and feed itself. If your rabbit has a permanent place in your home you can get a portable run / playpen to set up outside in your backyard.

Double Decker Bunny House with Run and CoverDouble Decker Bunny House with Run and CoverCheck Today’s OfferOutdoor Octagon Rabbit Run Cage Pen with Sun Protection Net Cover, 55-inchOutdoor Octagon Rabbit Run Cage Pen with Sun Protection Net Cover, 55-inchCheck Today’s Offer

A Hutch Is Not Enough

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