Lassiter, A Book Review

Lassiter: A Novel is a FICTION – ADULT: Mystery, Detective, Suspense & Thrillers: Suspense written by Paul Levine.

Jake Lassiter is a man who had been a football player and is now an attorney in Florida. He has defended a young Hispanic man for DUI charges and gets him off. During the trial a young lady comes in the courtroom and waits for him to finish for the day. She has a photo of him when he was still playing football. It had been taken on his birthday in a strip joint with some strippers. He remembers the night and one of the strippers was this lady’s sister, Krista.



Amy had been told 18 years before that she sister had died in a boating accident and only discovered differently after her Father’s recent death. She wanted to learn more about her sister’s disappearance.

Jake remembered Krista who had showed up at his house and asked to spend the night.  The following day he took her back to her place and a man named Charlie was waiting on her. Krista was a prostitute and porn star for Charlie.  Jake never saw her again.

He starts digging to find out what he could and  the more he digs the more snakes come crawling out.

Read the book to learn all the exciting things.  I found the book held my interest but it was too Adult for my liking.

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