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Decorative Laundry Hamper With Lid UK

These laundry hampers will add style to any room in your house

A decorative laundry hamper with lid will not only your keep dirty clothes concealed but also add an elegant finish touch to your bath or bedroom. You have plenty of options when it comes to selecting a laundry basket or hamper. You can choose from collapsible or corner fitting hampers when short on space or large hampers with casters that are ideal for a large family. Seagrass and bamboo hampers are perfect for those looking for an eco-friendly way to store their laundry.

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Wooden Laundry Hamper

Eco-conscious consumers prefer bamboo accessories for their homes. This Natural Wood Large Bamboo Laundry Basket is a best selling hamper featuring a removable storage bag that can be machine washed. It has a stylish design with a modern look and feel.

Round Bamboo Laundry Hamper With LidRound Bamboo Laundry Hamper With LidClick to see today’s offer on Amazon.co.uk

Corner Laundry Baskets

When you have limited storage space use a make use of corners in your home. Corner laundry hampers are a great space savers.

Small Seagrass Corner Linen Bin Folding Storage Laundry BasketSmall Seagrass Corner Linen Bin Folding Storage Laundry BasketCheck Today’s Offer on Amazon.co.ukGrey Antique Wash Wicker Laundry / Linen / Washing Corner BasketGrey Antique Wash Wicker Laundry / Linen / Washing Corner BasketCheck Today’s Offer on Amazon.co.ukCorner Lined Bamboo Laundry Bin With LidCorner Lined Bamboo Laundry Bin With LidCheck Today’s Offer on Amazon.co.uk

Rattan Laundry Basket

For Small Bathroom

These slim rattan washing baskets are very attractive and easy to clean.

Curver Faux Rattan White Laundry & Washing Basket 60 LitresCurver Faux Rattan White Laundry & Washing Basket 60 LitresCheck Today’s Offer on Amazon.co.ukCurver Faux Rattan Laundry & Washing Basket 45LCurver Faux Rattan Laundry & Washing Basket 45LCheck Today’s Offer on Amazon.co.uk50 L Laundry Hamper with Handles50 L Laundry Hamper with HandlesCheck Today’s Offer on Amazon.co.uk

Sea Grass Woven Laundry Hamper

For Narrow Space

Sea Grass Woven linen laundry basket with lidSea Grass woven linen laundry basket with lidCheck Today’s Offer on Amazon.co.uk

The hand woven natural sea grass linen laundry basket measures 59 centimeters wide, 40 centimeters wide and 28 centimeters deep. It is designed to fit in any room in the house so it is out of the way. It is lightweight with recessed handles and metal frame. The Velcro-attached lining inside is removable and is machine washable.

These other accessories pair well in the room.

SeaGrass woven 4 Drawers Storage UnitSeaGrass 4 Drawers Storage UnitBuy Amazon.co.ukRound Seagrass Waste Paper BinRound Seagrass Waste Paper BinBuy Amazon.co.ukSeaGrass Storage Box With LidSeaGrass Storage Box With LidBuy Amazon.co.uk

Folding Laundry Basket

The Songmics Large Laundry Basket with Lining has a natural color so it fits all laundry room décor. It is compact, measuring 40 centimeter high, 30 centimeters wide and 60 centimeters in diameter. The basket provides great ventilation with its two air holes in the bottom of the basket. It also features a lining that can be removed and machine washed.

This can also be used in the nursery to keep babies soft toys. It folds flat when not needed.

Large Folding Laundry Basket Laundry Box With LiningLarge Folding Laundry Basket Laundry Box With LiningBuy Amazon.co.uk

Wicker Laundry Hamper

White Wicker Laundry Storage Basket with Cotton LiningWhite Wicker Laundry Storage Basket with Cotton LiningBuy Amazon.co.uk

A set of 4 lidded white wicker laundry and storage baskets with cotton lining comes with 2 small baskets, 1 medium basket and 1 large basket. It is made with natural willow and features a white matte finish.

Laundry Tips and Tricks

Banishing stubborn stains

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