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Leaf Scoops

Leaf Scoops

Leaf Scoops are one of “those” things that are a must have in your arsenal of gardening tools. They are a wonderful gadget that you can use year round.

Easily and quickly pick up not only leaves but any debris that are in your yard, without getting your hands dirty. The ergonomic design easily slips on your hands or held by handles and the large scoops allow you to pick up leaves, garbage, needles and twigs without getting cut or stung by sharp needles. They are also great for spreading mulch or compost around your garden. Leaf Scoops are a multi purpose tool that is a must have for every gardening chore.

Leaf Scoops

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These Multipurpose Giant Hands Are Ideal For Picking Up Leaves, Needles, Plant Trimmings, Trash and Sharp Items. Recycling And Composting? These Leaf Scoops Are Excellent For Transporting And Spreading Compost And Mulch. Sized Perfectly To Fit All Yard bags And Trash Cans, The CLOSED SCOOP DESIGN Keeps Small Items From Slipping Out. Use One As A Rake To Gather Stray Leaves To Stack For Easy Bagging Or Mulching. These Really Are The Extra Pair Of Hands You have Been Looking For. Robust Design – Easy Hang and easy storage.


Leaf Scoops

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Happy Scooping

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  1. Leaf scoops are a fun gift idea for fall birthdays!

  2. OH these leaf scoops are soooooo useful. None of us have hands big enough to combat the fall clean up. Great idea here.

  3. CherylFay

    I could really use some of these! Nice selection!

  4. Gypzeerose

    I hate dealing with all the leaves that gardens create, these leaf scoops seem like a great suggestion.

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