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Challenge Fast Twitch Muscle Fibers With No Gym

Are you interested in staying close to your ideal body weight over the winter months? While many people use gyms for this, it is always handy to learn a workout routine that you can do at home for those wild winter days when you don’t want to go out.

You can use your favorite style of workout routine when you get your PACE EXPRESS 12 MINUTE FITNESS REVOLUTION DVD. Jumping rope, a treadmill, a stationary bike, lunges, squats and jumping jacks can all be adapted to this well researched routine for P-rogressively A-ccelerating C-ardiopulmonary E-xertion,  which is what PACE stands for.

Pace Express works to engage the fast twitch muscle fibers, getting you closer to your ideal body weight. You can replace the cardio hours of walking, or running on the treadmill which neglects your fast twitch muscle fibers, distancing you from your ideal body weight.



The Pace program is simple to learn, and this DVD shows you a variety of routines you can do in a small space. You will also be informed of the fitness trials that have been done with these routines revealing achievement of ideal body weight, and muscle tissue gain in the trial individuals. One trial shows a difference in results between identical twins, ruling out genetic disposition as a factor in losing weight and building muscle.

(Note: you can also adapt this style of workout using gym machines.)

This ideal type of workout routine addresses:

  • engaging the fast twitch muscle fibers, decreasing insulin resistance in the muscle tissue
  • increases your resting metabolic rate
  • gets you to your ideal body weight
  • increases your heart and lung capacity
  • decreases wear and tear on joints

An easy example to describe is the jump rope exercise. This takes about three minutes, though I want to mention it is good to get the blood pumping with three to five minutes of walking on the spot, adding arm movements as you go. Then you’re not just starting cold.

Dr. Al Sears, the creator of this Pace style of workout routine, demonstrates the jump rope exercise himself. He jumps 30 times, with the little bounce in between, just like kids jump rope (if they do any more, I hope so). He then stops for 30 seconds, to catch his breath. He then does 60 jumps with the little bounce in between, and again rests for 30 seconds. At this point, he is exerting himself more (Progressively Accelerating), because after the first 30 jumps, he didn’t get to a complete resting point with his heart rate in the 30 second rest. After the 60 jumps, he is a little more breathless, but the 30 second rest is adequate for him to then do – the last sequence – 20 jumps with no bounce in between.

This probably sounds ridiculously simple. I guarantee, it is not as easy as it seems. And here is the beauty of this workout routine. If you are out of shape and can only do 10 jumps before the first 30 second rest, that is exactly what YOU do. Start with 5 if that is what you can do.

The point is, you will continue to progressively accelerate your number of movements in each sequence, as you can.

If you are accustomed to workouts challenging the big muscle groups (believe me the jump rope style does not leave them out), there are sequences shown with lunges, squats and   more. You can use a weight, or not. To progressively accelerate your exertion, you may add a weight, or a heavier weight, when your routine starts to feel less challenging.

The research on the Pace Express shows an increase in your fast twitch muscle fibers, and in heart and lung capacity – the factors that determine how long you can live. These increases in turn:

  • boosts your metabolism (muscle burns more calories even while you sleep)
  • decreases insulin resistance
  • increases balance
  • manages blood sugar levels

I hope you’re geared up to challenge your fast twitch muscle fibers demonstrated in the Pace Express workout routine.

Pace Express For Winter Workouts

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