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What’s Great About LeapFrog Tag Reader

Kids Learn More When They’re Having Fun

There are a number of reasons as to why I like the LeapFrog Tag Reader System. I know as a parent I like to find fun ways to engage my daughter in learning. My favorite kinds of learning are when when she is learning but doesn’t realize that she is. To me that is what you get with the Tag Reader. A great feature for the kids is that the Tag Reader pen is designed to fit comfortably into your child’s hand with a no slip grip. It is a pretty natural fit for their little hands. Now, onto my favorite part, the learning. The storybooks and learning activities help to build reading skills such as vocabulary, phonics and reading comprehension. It is actually a pretty cool setup, all they have to do once they turn on the Tag Reader is touch a word in the book and it will sound out or say the word. What makes it fun for kids is that there are games within the stories that they can play as well, where they get to use their cognitive skills.

My daughter is pretty independent. She loves to do things on her own and that is no different when it comes to learning to read. She is not one that likes for me to point out the words and help her to sound the words out, but with the LeapFrog Tag Reader she can sit and read herself and if there is a word she is unsure of all she has to do is to touch the word with the Tag Reader and it will pronounce it for her. She is learning the words just as she would if I was helping her, but since she is doing it herself it seems to stick with her better. On top of her learning she is having fun.

When you conncect the Tag Reader online they unlock different rewards for their progress. You can print off certificates and sometimes they get fun downloads to play. To me children learn more when they’re having fun. So let’s help keep them engaged in learning!

LeapFrog Tag Reading System – Pink

LeapFrog Interactive Solar System Discovery SetLeapFrog Tag Reader “Woody” With Toy To the Rescue Book and Ozzie and Mack Book

Why As A Parent I Like Tag Reader

Their are a number of reasons why as a parent I like Tag Reader. One as mentioned above is the fun that your kid can have while learning, which I find is important to keep them engaged and want to continue learning to read. Some of the other reasons I will cover with you now. The LeapFrog Tag Reader is really easy to setup, all you have to do is to connect it to your computer and download LeapFrog Connect. This is where you will add any books, maps or other activities to your child’s Tag Reader. A great feature of the Tag Reader is that after a period of inactivity it will shut itself off. This is a great feature if you have a child who when they are done playing may just lay it down. One of the best features is that you can create a personalized LeapFrog Learning Path wit this you can do several things. You can track your child’s progress, follow your child’s developing skills, get weekly progress updates when your child plays with their Tag Reader. This allows you to celebrate their achievements and to also help them in areas where they may need a little extra practice. There is also a section where you can get support to help with your child’s progress. You can get personalized learning ideas, printables, activities and learning tips tailored to your child’s learning stage. In order to access this all you as the parent has to do is to connect the Tag Reader online to see their play and learning progress. These are all the reasons that I would recommend the LeapFrog Tag Reader System.

Magic Of LeapFrog Tag Reader

LeapFrog Tag Reader Books and Accessories

There are so many fun and educational books and sets that you can choose from. Here is a selection of some of my favorite choices.

LeapFrog Learn to Read, Volume 1LeapFrog Get Ready for KindergartenLeapFrog Interactive Human Body Discovery SetLeapFrog Tag Learn To Write And DrawLeapFrog Disney·Pixar Cars: Racing AdventuresLeapFrog Disney TangledT. Rex’s Mighty RoarLeapFrog Let’s Explore Things That Go!Leap Frog Tag Reader, LeapPad Explorer, Leapster Explorer Didj HeadphonesLeapFrog Leap and the Lost DinosaurLeapFrog Disney·Pixar BraveLeapFrog GO Diego GO! Underwater MysteryLeapFrog Tag Reader Storage CaseLeapFrog Disney Pixar Cars 2: Project UndercoverLeapFrog 3D Book: Disney·Pixar Monsters University

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