Cooking Basics ~ How to Cook Everything – Emphasis on the Greens

Mark Bittman, is one of America’s best-known, most widely respected food writers. Happy to suggest two cookbooks written by him. One for those who want to learn how to cook and the other for those who have a goal to eat healthy with an emphasis on consuming green leafy vegetables (that would be moi!).

How to Cook Everything The Basics:
All You Need to Make Great Food — With 1,000 Photos

This book offers a collection of delicious recipes, from fried eggs to steamed mussels, along with practical tips and helpful photos. Learn fundamental techniques and variation ideas for modifying or customizing recipes. Available in Hardcover and Kindle edition.

This cookbook has been recommended by some as “the new kitchen bible”.

Leafy Greens: An A-to-Z Guide to 30 Types of Greens Plus More Than 120 Delicious Recipes is one of Bittman’s books which is sure to delight both vegans and non-vegans. From arugula to kale to wakame (a sea vegetable), Bittman offers 120+ healthy recipes to make it easy to go green. Delicious anti-oxidant-packed recipes for salads, soups, stews, stir-fries, etc. Also, nutritional information, advice on buying and cooking greens, and which greens make good substitutes for one another.

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How to Cook Everything The Basics


Leafy Greens: An A-to-Z Guide

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