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Learning Rugs For Toddlers

Kids Play Rugs That Teach

Learning rugs for toddler are educational rugs that are designed to allow children to discover their individuality, imagination and creativity. The best part is that while these rugs are educational, kids will not even notice as they will be having too much fun.


Educational Rugs For Kids

Learn about the world


Learning Carpets Where in The WorldCheck Price

The Learning Carpets Where in the World kids rug is made from polypropylene material. This rug showcases a map of the world including all of the continents. The carpet is completely washable and is stain resistant. It features a skid-proof backing crafted from latex gel. Children also learn about common animals found in the continents. For example, there is a picture of a lion in South Africa, an elephant in Eastern Africa and a camel in Northern Africa. Some of the famous landmarks featured on the rug are the Taj Mahal in India and The Great Wall of China.


USA Map Rugs for Classrooms or Playrooms

What a fun way to learn about the 50 states. Children will love the bright colors and be able to compare the sizes of the states.

Play Carpet US Map Kids Rug W: 36 x L: 80Check PriceKids Rug Usa Map Area Rug 3’3″ x 4’9″ non slip gel backingCheck PriceUSA 50 States Kids Area Rug. State AbbreviationUSA 50 States Area Rug. State AbbreviationCheck Price

Alphabet Rugs For Playroom

Alphabet Rugs For PlayroomLearning Carpets Alpha Walkabout Play CarpetCheck Price

Young children will just love the Learning Carpets Alpha Walkabout Play Carpet. It is a great way for kids to learn the alphabet and numbers 1-20 and it makes it fun as well. This rug is full of colors and fun designs. I like the numbers on the border. The child can either walk and count or hop and skip a number when he/she is learning to count by 2s.


Kids Rug ABC Fun Area Rug 39Check Price

This rug has both upper and lower case alphabets, number 1 – 10, and mathematical symbols. This will make an ideal addition in a kindergartner’s room especially since its gender neutral.


ABC Animals Children Area Rug 39Check Price

Except for the letter X, all other letters have an animal beginning with that letter. So children not only learn the alphabet but also the names of animals. Parents like the vibrant colors on the rug.


Activity Rugs For Toddlers

The Learning Carpets Giant Road kids carpet is fun for kids of all ages. The rug is constructed from 100% nylon and can be used outside or inside. This colorful rug has all the things you will find in most towns such as a pizza parlor, school and library. Kids can have fun driving their cars through the streets in town or landing their airplanes on the airport runways. It measures about 26″ W x 83″ L but rolls up easily for storage.

Activity rugs for toddlersLearning Carpets Giant Road Play Area RugCheck PricePlay Carpet Construction Zone Kids RugLearning Carpets Play Carpet Construction Zone Kids RugCheck Price

Learning Carpets Play Carpet At The Zoo Kids RugCheck PriceLearning Carpets Play Carpet Down At The Farm Green Indoor/Outdoor Area RugCheck Price

Cute Dollhouse Rug For Toddler Girls

Dollhouse Rug For Toddler GirlsLearning Carpets Our Dream House Play CarpetCheck Price

The Learning Carpets Our Dream House Play Carpet is the ideal rug for little girls. It has a fully furnished family home complete with three levels including the attic for hours of imaginative fun.


Toddler games and activities | Fun and skill-building kids’ activities | BabyCenter
If you’re looking for toddler games and activities, our collection will keep your child entertained, week after week. These simple games boost development, are free or low-cost, and offer a fun way to spend quality time with your toddler.

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