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Legends of Chima Pajamas

Kids Holiday Pajamas

Every year, my son carefully constructs his Christmas wish list. Over the last few months leading up to majestic holiday his list will change a number of times. Many things will be added (as the holiday catalogs start showing up) and some will be removed. A few items, such as LEGOs and ‘spy stuff’, will be included on virtually every revision.

Since he has learned that he will only get a limited amount of ‘toys’ it should come as no surprise that clothes never make the list. As such, it is generally up to me to make sure that Santa also leaves behind not only functional clothing but also fun things to wear.

One such item that somehow magically appears each Christmas morning are a few pairs of awesome Legend of Chima Pajamas.

Chima Pajamas

Chima PajamasCheck Price

When it comes to finding the perfect kids holiday pajamas one thing you will definitely want to consider is how often they can be worn; particularly if you live in warmer climates.

Sure, pjs with long pants are great for the winter months, but during the summer months it may be too hot to wear them.

As such, I recommend buying your son or daughter these Legends of Chima pajamas.

Featuring five of the most popular Chima characters, these pjs are perfect for any LEGO fan. What’s more, this 3 piece set also comes with matching blue shorts that can be worn during the fall, spring, and summer months.


Boys Winter Pajamas

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Legends of Chima Pants

LEGO Chima PajamasCheck Price

If your son is anything like mine then he already has a number of Chima shirts that he likes to sleep in. As he grows, however, his older pajamas no longer fit.

With that being said, I typically like to buy him a few pairs of these LEGO PJ pants.

These officially licensed Chima pajamas features two of the main characters; Laval and Cragger. Made from a super soft 100% polyester fabric, these pants are sure to quickly become your son’s favorite!


Legends of Chima Pajamas

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