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Lego Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones Legos Sets and Lego Characters Are Top Selling Toys All Year Round!

Lego Indiana Jones sets are theme based Lego sets that are from the best and memorable scenes of the famous series – Indiana Jones.

The first few sets to be released used scenes from Raiders of the Lost Ark together with Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade and Temple of Doom.

May 2008 saw the release of LEGO Indiana Jones Temple of the Crystal Skull together with a further eight Lego sets hitting the shelves.

Ranging in price from $9.99 to $ 79.99 based on the numbers of accessories and characters included they became an instant success.

This page features some of the best selling toys in the Lego Indiana Jones Lego character sets so that you can compare and save when you buy Legos online

You Can Still Buy LEGO Indiana Jones Temple of the Crystal Skull

LEGO® Indiana Jones Temple of the Crystal SkullView Now

Includes Indiana Jones, Mutt Williams Irina Spalko Russian Guard, 2 Ughs Warriors Armored Skeleton and 3 Akator Skeleton Minigiures.

Numerous Features Including a Removable Archway, Firing Spears and Skull-dropping Booby Trap.

Also Includes Fall-apart Steps, a Rotating Staircase, Spinning Skeletons and Opening Tower.

Measures 15″ (38cm) Long, 10″ (25.5cm) Wide and 12″ (30cm) High.

Contains 924 Pieces


Newer Legos for sale include the Lego Indiana Jones Venice Canal Chase

The guardians of the Grail are in hot pursuit!

This Lego set is created around the adventure escape around the Venice canals, using the Holy Grail map. Will a collapsing pier and boat that blows apart be able to get them out of danger?

This set has all the main movie characters and will help to re-create the exciting adventure from the movie The Last Crusade!
Lego- Indiana Jones 7197 Venice Canal ChaseView Now

Indy’s adventure takes him to the canals of Venice! Escaping with the map to the Holy Grail, in the film Last Crusade, Indy and Elsa are pursued by members of a secret order that guards the location of the Grail! One guardian falls with the collapsing pier, but the other gives chase only to have his boat blown apart! This exciting and action-packed set features 2 motorboats with space for a passenger, 4 minifigures with weapons , including Indiana Jones and Marion! Additionally, the set comes with a Venetian bridge and jetty for increased roleplay adventure! Encourage imaginative play with the Lego Indiana Jones Venice Canal Chase set!


Considered as collector’s items the older Legos sets are currently way more valuable than the newer sets.

This, despite the sets not achieving the immediate success the newer Indiana Jones Legos did.

When the sets and merchandising related to the first three movies was released many stores actually carried excessive stocks of Indiana Jones figures, featured trucks and very especially Lego sets of Indiana Jones or just anything on the theme.

Despite this as the movies became the spellbinding success they are, the earlier sets began to appreciate in value as collector’s items. What began as a problem for store and toy sellers has turned around completely.

They had the unhappy task of storing the first three sets for an extended period but now they are able to get premium prices even after covering for interest and inventory costs. As stocks dwindled the laws of economics took hold and it took prices even further as the Indiana Jones craze began to grow.

Classic Legos on sale include Indiana Jones Race for the Stolen Treasure

Or check out the LEGO Indiana Jones The Temple of Doom on sale Legos instead

 LEGO Indiana Jones Race for the Stolen TreasureView Now LEGO Indiana Jones The Temple of Doom (7199)View Now

Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures

for Gaming Consoles, etc.

Did you know that the Lego shop at home now include video games?
Now you can buy Lego games as well as the classic bulk Lego sets.

The Lego Indiana Jones video games were released in 2008. This coincided with The Kingdom of the Crystal skull movies runaway success.

Lucasarts was behind the production and it gives a peek into what is now considered the old way of doing adventures.

The Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures game takes three movies released together and combines them to make them quite the thing to keep you entertained.

Lego has been a trendsetter for movie tie-in merchandise that is full of fun and quite often funny. No stones have been left unturned for The Lego Indian Jones to achieve the same benchmarks of thrilling children of all ages with The Lego Indiana Jones series of sets.

Lego Indiana Jones: The Original AdventuresView NowLego Indiana Jones: The Original AdventuresView NowLego Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues – Nintendo WiiView NowLEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures Hero PackView NowLego Indiana Jones – MacView NowLego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures – Nintendo WiiView NowLucasArts Entertainment Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures (Xbox 360) Adventure for Xbox 360 for 10+View NowMinifigurePacks: Lego® Indiana Jones BundleView NowLEGO INDIANA JONES THE ORIGINAL ADVENTURES-NLAView Now

Like most good things these Indiana Jones Legos sets were not without controversy…

Legos online had to become ‘politically correct’ when designing its Lego characters!

Lego however took steps to settle this point of contention by dressing the controversial German soldiers in the standard khaki uniforms with all Nazi insignia stripped from them.
Another sensitive area was the somewhat religious overtones, which accompanied the Indian Jones series.
Since this too became sensitive for some people Lego had to take action to resolve this as well.
If you happen to see a Gold treasure chest in the Lost Tomb Lego set instead of the Ark, its because one has been replaced with other to appease religious sensitivity.

Check out the whole range of Lego sets of movie characters here:

 The Lego Movie Emmet Construction Worker Minifigure Series 71004View Now 71004 LEGO Minifigures Series 12 The LEGO Movie – Complete Set of 16View Now LEGO Series The Lego Movie Minifigure President Business – Lord Business (71004)View Now The Lego Movie Bad Cop Good Cop Minifigure Series 71004View Now LEGO The Movie Minifigure: Wyldstyle with Hoodie DownView Now LEGO The Lego Movie Minifigure Vitruvius WizardView Now Batman (Black) – LEGO Batman Minifigure with BatarangView Now The Lego Movie Where Are My Pants Guy Minifigure Series 71004View Now The Lego Movie Wild West Wyldestyle Minifigure Series 71004View Now Lloyd ZX (Green Ninja) with Dual Gold Swords – LEGO NinjagoView Now Lego The Movie Minifigure: UnikittyView Now Patrick Starfish – LEGO SpongeBob Squarepants FigureView Now Lego Star Wars Slave Princess Leia Minifigure (2003 version)View Now LEGO Star Wars Stormtrooper Minifigure ClockView Now Darth Vader – LEGO Star Wars FigureView Now Chewbacca – LEGO Star Wars FigureView Now

You should compare the LEGO Indiana Jones Temple Escape set in the Legoshop

And its so convenient to buy with lego shop at home delivery service.

LEGO Indiana Jones 7623 Temple EscapeView Now

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