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Lego Movie – A Review and Gifts

Lego Movie Was Awesome!!

Every Lego fan out there young and old certainly was looking forward to this fun movie filled with their favorite building blocks. But the Lego movie certainly blew the minds of the young and young at heart and opened us up to something amazing.

A beautiful movie with not just cool effects, fun Lego mini figures and a fun adventure – but also a great reminder for kids and parents when it comes to how we should all be when we are playing.

This movie was an eye opener for sure and I do hope to share why I love this movie without getting too deep into the story to spoil it for those who are yet to watch it.

Meet the Characters From The Lego Movie

Who Are The Main People In This Kids Movie

First let’s meet the main characters of this fun story and learn a little more about the basic story. This story is about a construction worker who felt like a normal person. He lived in a town ruled by a businessman who wanted everything to be in sync and uncannily perfect. But Emmet the construction worker was destined to bring in changes to their world and that is the rest of the story. How he does it, with the help of some friends is the rest of the adventure on the Lego Movie.

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This is Emmet – a common construction worker who loved his routine life but always had a creative side he never acknowledged. He also wished he had more friends – but he never really complained. Little did he know how he was going to change their world in this adventure.


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This is Lord Business – the man who wants everything to be perfect and in sync. He needs them to all be in their compartments and not move an inch from his vision. So much to the point, he was about to freeze the entire city and make them stationary. He hated changes and wont stand for it at all. After a long struggle, he does come to his senses – thanks to Emmet.

Here are more characters who contributed to this wonderful town and fun filled movie in one way or the other.

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Why I Loved This Movie

How the Lego Movie Opened Our Eyes

As a parent, most of us love Lego building sets. We are amazed by how they carve our child’s creativity and imagination. We appreciate how it teaches our children to follow directions and feel the pride of building something out of a pile of bricks. But there are some of us who might go overboard and worry about the mess these blocks make or worse – stop our kids from mixing up sets as you fear that the set won’t be complete!!!

At one point or other, most of us tend to forget the main picture and focus on what really is not the point. The point of Lego, while it is to follow directions to build something, it also is to incorporate creativity and individuality to do what you want to make it a complete set. You can build out of the box. You just need a plan and good team work. And that is the message that the Lego Movie sent home with me and my family.

The movie reminds us that the child’s mind is a never ending learning machine. So don’t restrict them. If they want to mix up 2 of their sets from the same series or differing ones – let them! Stand back and prepared to be amazed by the masterwork that they come up with when these sets mix together. It is important for us to watch the balance of conformity over imagination. Don’t kill their imagination in the name of trying to keep a neat house or full Lego sets that you just got them.

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Have You Watched Lego Movie?

Don’t Miss an Amazing Movie For Kids

I sure hope that you have or are going to watch this amazing movie soon. Lego Movie is fun for everyone young and old and certainly sends a strong reminder for us to bring home to our children. We need to remember what is important and let our children be children and nor conform them to what we want. This movie is yet another much needed reminder to tell us that. We live in a busy world and sometimes don’t realize it till we get totally off track. Let’s hope this movie reminds us on how Lego was truly meant to played with.

Don’t forget to pre-order the Lego Movie DVD and Blu Ray so you can enjoy this fun movie at home all year long.

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  1. Gypzeerose

    I didn’t even know there was a Lego Movie! Of course, I am out of the time when my boys played with them.

  2. LEGO toys are always super gifts but especially characters from the movie!

  3. Legos are a blast to play with and there are so many fun sets to choose from now. They should make Legos for adults! That could be the next big thing!

  4. I haven’t seen the Lego movie, my son’s too old for that but I’m a big fan of Lego toys and always enjoy playing with them. Waiting for my son to create his own family, I’ll play with my grandchildren, hehe.

  5. LK_Gayton

    I love LEGOS. Haven’t seen the movie…yet!

  6. I regret never playing with LEGOS when I was a child. They look like so much fun! I bet the movie is a hoot, too!

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