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Limos, Lattes And My Life on the Fringe by Nancy Rue

Limos, Latte & My Life on the Fringe

Limos, Lattes & My Life on the Fringe is a novel  and book four in Real Life series.  Tyler is a junior in high school. She lives with her parents and a half sister  Sunny who is older.

Tyler is in a group of other students that hang together that they have named “The Fringe”.  The group of rich kids are called the “Ruling Class” and the kids who cannot dress in expensive clothes are referred to as  the ” K Mart Kids”.

Tyler is at the top of her class academically.  She finds out she has been nominated as Prom Queen.  It is a joke the Ruling Class kids are playing on her.  They enjoy seeing others embarrassed by the things they do and say to them.  Tyler has no desire to be prom queen.

A new girl named Valleri becomes friends with Tyler.  Valleri has been living in France and home schooled.

Tyler gets to thinking about prom and how the Ruling Class are always bragging about how much money they are spending on it while the K Mart Kids  are made fun of when they cannot.  She decided there needs to be some way to make the prom so that everyone can have a night of fun.

One of the nice looking guys that had been leader of the Ruling Class starts paying Tyler attention and even trying to help her with her plans.

Read the book to find out who is elected Prom Queen and what happens to land Valleri and Tyler in the hospital.

Limos, Lattes, & My Life on the Fringe  was geared more for high school age people but I did enjoy reading it.

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