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There are so many male tenors in the entertainment industry and no doubt if one is mentioned by name, somebody will readily respond with an alternative or comparable singer and say ~ Yeah, he’s alright but I just love _________. Nevertheless I am going to resort to name-calling because this guy’s voice even impressed Linda Ronstadt. Yes. Ms. Ronstadt may be a forgotten voice for many but not for me and neither is her collaboration with the phenomenal male tenor, Aaron Neville.

Aaron Neville And Linda Rondstadt – I Don’t Know Much Video:

Started this post singing the praises of the extraordinary tenor and 20th Century Master Aaron Neville, but my research led me here:

Ms. Ronstadt is of Mexican heritage and back in the day, if you wanted to make it in the music business, certain bits and pieces about your background were not always publicized until your popularity had grown to the point where your fans didn’t give a crap! Also, sadly learned that in her later years, Ms. Ronstadt is suffering from Parkinson’s disease.


Thank goodness her wonderful voice has been preserved.

If you are a fan of both, then cherish the memory of this memorable collaborative effort between Ronstadt and Neville.

Don’t Know Much (Linda Ronstadt with Aaron Neville)

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The Very Best of Linda Ronstadt

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