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Lion Costumes for Kids

Lion Halloween Costumes for Kids

Make sure these Lion Halloween costumes for kids fit properly if they will be doing any walking, but most lion costumes are open faced. Also be sure that the child can walk properly while in the costume. If they are old enough to walk, that is. Buy one that is properly fitting and not too big or small. Teach your little one to roar loudly – you will all have fun with that. And don’t forget to take lots of photos and videos. Your little lion will enjoy hearing his own roar when he is older.

It isn’t hard to find good lion costumes for kids. It just takes a little exploration and time, but it’s well worth it. Most parents have a blast picking out costumes for their children, and finding just the right level of “cuteness”. Baby and little lions make everyone smile on Halloween.

Some buy a costume and then add their own added embellishments. If this is the plan, then look at the various outfits and imagine your own additions while browsing. That is much easier than trying to find a costume to fit the embellishments.

Lion Halloween Costumes for Infants


Don’t just run down to the discount store and pick out any old costume, though.

For one thing, it may not be safe. Safety issues include finding one that is fire retardant, and one they can actually see from.

Many costumes found at thrift stores are from years back when there were not so many laws on costume design.

Halloween should be fun, but safety first!



Lion Halloween Costumes for Children

Newer products meet all of the current safety features and they are adorable too!

Like the Cuddly Lion Costume for Toddlers, the newer costumes are safer for baby.

Good lion costumes for kids can be simple, or elaborate. I mean, who can resist adding the little whiskers once the costume is on?

Some even come with little plastic whiskers to complete the outfit.

Lion Halloween CostumeLion Halloween CostumeChild's Cowardly Lion CostumeChild’s Cowardly Lion CostumeCuddly Lion CostumeCuddly Lion CostumeCuddly Lion CostumeCuddly Lion Costume

Various Lion Costumes for Child and Adults

One piece and multi-piece lion suits are both good lion costumes for kids. Take into consideration the age and abilities of the child before making a final choice.

Babies usually do best in one piece, since in many parts of the country; there may be chilly weather to contend with. Besides that, babies are more comfortable in one piece. The costumes which have multiple pieces are good for toddlers and older children.

Oh, and while choosing a good lion costume for children, be sure to teach the little one to ROAR!

Lion Roar CostumeLion Mascot Adult CostumeAdult Lion MascotAdult Lion CostumeWizard of Oz Cowardly LionLion Mascot Adult CostumeCuddly Lion Adult WomenVicious Lion Adult Costume

Lion Costumes for Your Family Dogs and Cats, too

Does the dog or cat want to tag along and have some fun too? Or help you greet guests at the door all dressed in his /her lion costume like the rest of the family?

Animal Planet Lion Dog CostumeAnimal Planet Lion Dog CostumeLion Mane for DogLion Mane for DogLion Mane CostumeLion Mane CostumePrymal Lion Mane Dog  or CatPrymal Lion Mane Dog or Cat

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  1. Adorable! Every child should be a lion now and again!

  2. These are cute. I can imagine how my Jason would have loved roaring around in one of these.

  3. Nice work Joan! I love theses cute lion costumes for kids.

  4. This is awesome Joan! I adore the lion costume for toddlers. I agree with Dianne, all the costumes for kids are adorable.

  5. That infant lion costume is adorable! All of the lion costumes for kids are so cute!

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