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Everybody knows – or at least every woman knows – that her wardrobe is incomplete without the little black dress. Everybody knows – male or female – that the current First Lady in the United States White House, is a fashion icon, symbol, or somebody everybody else wants to dress like. Whenever she steps onto the scene, the women all want to see what she is wearing. Click! Click! Click! The sound of all the cameras flashing. It was the same way with the late Jackie Kennedy. Being honest, those are the only two first ladies that had a fashion sense or a fashion flair (according to me). The other nice ladies, although very supportive of their spouses, were just not as noticeable. Feel free to disagree. But do not expect to change my opinion. The two first ladies who get A++ for being super stylish? Jackie Kennedy and Michelle Obama. Moving on to the next topic.

The next topic is eShakti. Ever heard of them? A clothing line; apparel for women. Best little black dresses ever!!! Shades of Mrs. O and Mrs. K. Also very affordable. They have dresses in other colors too and you will instantly fall in love with all of them! Skirts and blouses as well. Classy. Elegant. Cotton. Retro. Easy care. Liz Taylor glamorous. Most importantly, they flatter your figure. They customize apparel to your height, size and style and deliver in 14 business days. Try one of them on and there is no doubt in my mind that when you look in the mirror, you will be thinking: “Oh yeah! Looking good!”

See here is the thing. The style is like vintage 40s and 50s. Or maybe 20s and 30s. I do not go back that far. But if you go back far enough, and can remember “when the lion roared” just before a great movie came on – you knew that you would probably see some glamorous women wearing gorgeous clothing made by a top fashion designer; and you would sigh with envy because you know you could not afford whatever they were wearing. Unless you had a mother who was a dressmaker. My mom would watch movies with me and go: “Oh I can make that dress easy. Cost me just $5.” Seriously. She would and she could!

Maybe you did or do not have a mother who was/is a skilled seamstress. These days it is very convenient to shop online for all of your fashion needs. So check out the affordable custom clothing available at eShakti. The retro-style conjured all kinds of wonderful memories and made me think that if I were a First Lady, it would be one of my favorite places to shop.

Anyway, enough with my jibber jabber. Take a look at the selection below. If you are not looking for a black dress, no problems, as these styles come in several different colors. Of course once you decide on the dress, you know what comes next. Shoes and accessories!

Little Black Dress

The basic black dress comes in many styles.

Shopping for that perfect little black dress?

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Social Graces Women’s Crew Neck Flutter Short Sleeve Fit and Flare Dress 18 Black

MissMay Women’s Vintage Floral Lace Long Sleeve Boat Neck Cocktail Formal Swing Dress (Large, D-Black)

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Escada Cherry In The Air 3.4 oz Edt Spray

from: HottPerfume

Yves Saint Laurent Manifesto Perfume 3 oz Edp Spray

from: HottPerfume

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Fun and Comfy, Adorably Sexy Little Black Dress

(In case you’re not shopping for anything formal.)

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Little black dress
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  1. Oh yes, I know, that essential little black dress. I’ve got some in the wardrobe but you make me think to renew some of them, hehe.

  2. Every woman needs at least one little black dress!

  3. These are some very nice little black dresses.

  4. LK_Gayton

    Every well-dressed woman has a LBD!

  5. Gypzeerose

    A little black dress is an essential part of any woman’s wardrobe! Thanks for the great choices.

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