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The Nightmare Before Christmas Lock, Shock and Barrel Party Decorations

The Nightmare Before Christmas Lock, Shock and Barrel Party Decorations

While I love Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas, one of my favorite features of the movie are the characters Lock, Shock and Barrel. Surely no Nightmare themed party can be complete without some decorations featuring these characters.

You may find that it is a bit difficult to find decorations featuring Lock, Shock and Barrel. Here on this page are some that I have found, and as I find others I will list them here.

Cardboard Stand Up Lock, Stock and Barrel

One of the best is this cardboard stand up below which is 41 inches tall. This can be purchased by clicking this link and you will see that you can also get stand ups featuring Jack and Sally.

Nightmare Before Christmas Character Poster

While there are many Nightmare Before Christmas posters, most of them feature only Jack Skellington or Jack and Sally, however this one not only has Lock, Shock and Barrel, but it also names all the characters featured here.

This is a great decoration for a party or to hang in a bedroom or den that is decorated with the Nightmare theme.

This poster is currently on sale for $2.98. It is hard to beat that price. To buy the grid poster, click here.

String Lights for Your Party

After the stand up above, I think my favorite party supply with Lock, Shock and Barrel is the string of lights shown below. You can use these for Halloween or Christmas, or to decorate a doorway or along the ceiling for any Nightmare themed party.

In addition, you can use these all year for decorating a bedroom as a night light or to drape across a headboard. These are really cute and something unique from this movie.

Nightmare Before Christmas Lock Shock Barrel 10 Light Set

Retired Disney Nightmare Before Christmas 9″ Plush Bean Bag Set

Jack Skellington, Sally, Oogie Boogie, Lock, Shock and Barrel – New with Tags

This plush set has the entire gang from Nightmare and you can place them all around your room, at different party stations or give them out as prizes. These have been retired so they will only last until they are sold out. You can also buy individual Lock, Shock and Barrel plushies for added decoration.

Retired Disney Nightmare Before Christmas 9″ Plush Bean Bag Set

Still Searching

As I find more party supplies with Lock, Shock and Barrel I will add them here. You can enhance the selection by creating your own or by using black party supplies, balloons, confetti and tissue paper. Kids identify with these three because they are mischievous and fun.

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  1. The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my very favorite Christmas movies. What imagination!

    I was so pleased to find out that there was a Nightmare Before Christmas ride in Disneyland.

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