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Long Trail Home

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Long Trail Home, A Book Review

Long Trail Home is a western Romance, A Morgan Family Series, written by Vickie Mc Donough. It is set in Waco, Texas 1858.

Annie is a small girl who is being forced to be a pick pocket by her dad who is a  thief and gambler. Her dad had told her she had to steal a watch from a young man. His grandfather had given it  to him when he died.  Annie  acts like she accidentally bumped into him and took the watch and ran and hid because the young man was chasing her.  She hides in back of the blacksmith shop and falls asleep. When she awakes and starts looking for her dad he is gone. Annie is alone with no money.  She walks out to edge of town and found a big house like she has dreamed about.  It is a school for the blind so she pretends to be blind so she can stay.

Laura, the  lady who runs the school for the blind realizes she isn’t blind but tells her she has to pretend she is to stay there as one of the rules by the owner of the school is that no one who is not blind can stay there other than Laura who teaches the kids.

The young man  was Raleigh Morgan.  His parents had a small ranch out side town where they raised Morgan horses.  His younger brother had gotten bit by a snake and died.  Raleigh felt like he was to blame so he left home and joined the Army.

Long Trail Home

Long Trail Home

Seven years pass and Raleigh comes home to discover Indians had attacked his parents home and killed both of them.  He found also that his fiancee had gotten married while he was gone.  He winds up at the school and asks for something to eat and offers to do repairs to pay for meal. Laura tells him he can sleep in the barn and make repairs but she can only pay him by feeding him.

One day a man shows up and says the owner of the school has died and the school belongs to him, and Laura and the kids have 30 days to leave.

What will they do? No Money! No where to go ! Read this good book to see what happens to Laura, Annie and the rest.

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