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Loukanikos the riot dog

Loukanikos the riot dog of Greece

***Sad Update 11/26/2014 – As you may already know Loukanikos has already gone to the land where sausages are free for all and has left us behind, missing an old, good friend! Soon, I will post more details. Stay tuned.***

Well, Greece is going through a period unprecedented in the last 50 to 60 years. The risk of bankruptcy hanging over the welfare of the Greeks as a Damocles’ sword.

The IMF and the EU require each day more and more cuts in wages, pensions and social benefits, which become laws of the state from the –inept (?), treacherous (?), almost all Greeks are convinced that there were and there are other ways to address the crisis– government of GAP, aka George Andrew Papandreou, the Greek Prime Minister.

And of course the Greek citizens are complaining about this situation and demonstrate in the streets of Athens and in Syntagma Square, where the Greek Parliament is. The international media were there broadcasting reports from the demonstrations in Greece, as it is a hot topic.

And so they discovered Loukanikos –means sausage, because he loves sausages too much– or Louk, describing him as the great leader of the demonstrations in Athens.


Loukanikos the Greek riot dog protesting a breath away from policemen

Loukanikos the Greek riot dog protesting a breath away from policemen


The residents of the center of Athens, the capital of Greece know that Loukanikos the recent years is present in every demonstration in front of the human protestors and is now actively on the side of the ‘Indignants’ while the fanatic followers of Louk propose him for prime minister through a facebook fan page!

The Guardian newspaper devotes entire slide show, a series of photographs depicting the “lionheart” Loukanikos in the first line of the riot. http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/gallery/2010/may/06/greece-protest?picture=362290874

At BBC’s website they were impressed with Loukanikos’ attitude and honored him with a video album of his best moments, giving thunderous present in all demonstrations and rallies in the center of Athens. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-13802940

The Italian Corriere de la Sera, the American Newsweek and the French Liberation, devote entire articles to this dog, the symbol of Greeks demonstrators.

At first was Kanellos!


Kanellos the patriarch of greek riot dogs

Kanellos the patriarch of greek riot dogs


Kanellos –means cinnamon– was the dog mascot of the University students, who was always at the forefront accompanying students on every major demonstration in downtown Athens.

Kanellos was not stray as many called him. He lived between University of Athens and Exarchia –an Athens district–, where students, shopkeepers and residents took care of him as if he was theirs.

First line in demonstrations, always chose the side of anti-authoritarian and showed in every way to the policemen that did not frighten either the clubs or their chemical!

Kanellos, first appeared in the streets in 90’s and there around 2007, began showing the first signs of aging and fatigue! And is amazing, when some people decided to carry him to a house for aged dogs, more than two hundred people gathered signatures and managed the 17 years old dog-fighter to return in a student’s apartment, who took care of him!

There, he left his last breath in the summer of 2008. In the meantime, had managed to pass into eternity through the song of Stathis Drogosis, you can hear in the video below:



From Kanellos to Loukanikos!


Loukanikos the riot dog of Greece in action

Loukanikos the riot dog of Greece in action


When in December 2008, released on the Internet photos portraying a dog showing his teeth in policemen during the events in Athens, many confused and believed that Kanellos was back.

But no, that dog is Loukanikos, with fine brown hair that appears in almost every picture from the Greek protests and apparently, is leader of protests against austerity measures and the IMF.

Since then, the half-blood has not lost any course or protest march, always selecting the side of the demonstrators! Many speak of an almost metaphysical coincidence, since Loukanikos occurred just after the death of Kanellos, but as though things are, Louk is indeed a worthy successor to Kanellos! You could tell that Louk is Kanellos’ son and continues the family’s tradition!

Loukanikos now is on the side of ‘Indignants’ of the very first day, always brave and calm, comes ahead of the demonstrators approaching the policemen a breath away! With his possible barking, it looks like to encourage the crowd and sends a strong message across!

However the picture that has angered thousands of fans of “Loukanikos” is where a policeman, even holding the stick upside down, is trying to hit the famous dog. For good luck, Loukanikos escaped the murderous attack of the police to give back mighty present in the next demonstration.

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  1. Pete

    What’s the name & artist of the song that accompanies the Loukanikos video?

  2. i loved this article. Learned some things too! “You could tell that Louk is Kanellos’ son and continues the family’s tradition!” NICE.

  3. Kalimera! (please don’t reply in Greek, because I won’t understand!).
    Every time I seek loukanikos in the shops (and nearly every local food shop in North London sells it) I shall remember this modern Greek hero who looks very much like my son’s dog. By the way, I thought sausages were loukaniki, not loukanikos ….

    I don’t usually have the patience to watch videos all the way through, but this one I did, it was so lovely.

    • Hello Diana,

      sausages in greek is translated loukanika –plural– and sausage is loukaniko.

      Despite this fact, our modern Greek hero’s name is Loukanikos because all male names in Greek language have the ‘s’ –final sigma– at the end declaring the gender of the subjects.

      Joy and Health!

  4. Ti Kanis? That’s about the extent of my Greek. My son spent last summer sailing the Greek Islands. Nice to see you here at WebNuggetz. Welcome!

  5. What a touching story about Loukanikos. I wonder, does Loukanikos have a care taker or is he a street dog? This is a great post!

    • Loukanikos is a famous dog in Athens –and globally– and like Kanellos every citizen of Athens consider him as their dog.

      Why you think they named him sausage? From the sausages everyone buys and give him to eat.

      Anyway Louk is not just a dog. It’s the spirit of freedom! And freedom does not live in a house, lives everywhere.

      Thank you Thomas, Joy and health!

  6. A truly incredible and touching story. Dogs are so much more intelligent than we think. I hope Loukanikos continues to lead the protests and inspire the people.

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