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Love Doodles

♥Love Doodles♥ – Inspired by my teen-age daughters.

I have 5 kids…The three youngest are all girls. When my two older girls, now age 20 and almost 18 and both in college, were in their early teens, they inspired me to create my ♥Love Doodles♥ design. I got my inspiration, and a flood of memories, from all their little lovestruck doodlings on notebooks, scraps of paper, and anything else they could find to write on! Playing around in one of my graphics programs one day, I was having a creative block, and so tried to clear my mind and found myself thinking of their doodlings and about my own doodlings from when I was a young girl, doodlings I had long forgotten about until I saw theirs. So, just for fun, I started doodling in my program and ♥Love Doodles♥ was born. I posted the design on a few products, not thinking anything would result from it due to the simplicity of the design, but soon learned that it struck a chord with others and has become one of my most popular, and best selling, designs. I suppose the innocence of it, or perhaps the trip down memory lane it may bring to others, has been the appeal. It is an endearing design, even in all its simplicity. Most all girls, when they first start getting crushes, first find that sweet, innocent puppy love, will start doodling little hearts with their name, and the name of their crush, on the heart. Sometimes I believe it is done subconsciously, though many times I am sure it is deliberate, like staking a claim to the guy. Whatever it is, it seems to be a rite of passage for all girls! For my design, I didn’t use names. I used “I” and “Him” where names should be, to make it available for all, and show a bit of secrecy for the doodler that wants to profess their love but isn’t quite ready to profess the name of the one they love. I have carried the ♥Love Doodles♥ line at Designs By Gina© for awhile now, but have only recently added it to a bevy of the newest released products. Still, at under less than 40 products in the line, it remains at the top of the popularity list and I smile each time a customer purchases a product with this design and I hope it means as much to them as it does to me. BTW – The doodling continues in our family. My two oldest daughters will, on occasion, catch themselves scribbling a name, or doodling a heart, and they will laugh. My youngest, at almost age 13, has hit the doodling stage, even though she proclaimed at a much younger age that “It’s so silly! I will never do that!” when seeing her sisters doodling away. We knew then her time was coming and her statement about the act would come back to bite her and she would go through the rite of passage just as her sisters, mom (me), and other females before her! LOL

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