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Love Finds a Way

Love Finds a Way, A Book Review

Love finds a Way is 3 short stories in one Christian Romance written by Wanda E. Brunstetter.

Blueberry Surprise is about  a young lady named Lorna who is a widow who has decided to finish getting her degree in Music so she can teach at a local school. She meets a young man, Evan Bailey who is finishing his education to be a school guidance counselor. He is also taking on line cooking classes but failing at that miserably. They wind up in a couple classes together and then the ground starts moving.
Evan is interested in Lorna but will she give in to date him?

Grandma’s Doll is about a young lady named Sheila whose Grandma has moved to a retirement center and called Shelia to come and pick out  something from her old house’s attic. Shelia knows what she wants as her Grandma had a doll that she has always dreamed of owning. Shelia goes and hunts for the doll but cannot find it. Grandma said she had sold it to an antique store a couple years before. Shelia  goes to locate it and meets a young man who has just bought the antique store. The man cannot find a receipt  or anything to tell what has happened to the doll. Shelia has to return to Calif. without the doll.  Will Shelia ever find the lost doll?

Love Finds a Way

Love Finds a Way

Matchmaker 911 is about a young lady who runs a barber shop. Her dad has arthritis and is disabled. He thinks she needs a husband so he calls 911 at lunch time to encourage his daughter with one of the paramedics.  When  she finds out what he is doing she is angry.  When she falls on the ice her paramedic is there. Will they fall in love?

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